Hughes Moves

Dylan Hughes – Huge frontside flip – ph. Leo Sharp – Sidewalk Mag – Issue 127
Julian Quevado – Switch FS crooked grind BS shove-it out.
Daniel Kim – Nollie nosegrind.
Kristos Andrew-Drum – Acid drop of faith.
Yann Garin – Nollie late front foot flip.
Gershon Mosley – Kickflip to fakie.
Adrian Williams – Blindside fakie 50-50 switch FS 180 out.

Top 5 places Crossfire staff like to moonlight:

1. Bike Courier conventions
2. Animal Sanctuaries
3. Video shoots
4. Foreign Investment Banking firms
5. The bar

Pics of the week:

It’s a frontside 5-0 showdown! In the blue corner we have the concrete carnivore, Mike Harris shot by Blydey… And in the red corner defending his ASBO title, Luke Overin photo by James Brown. DING! Grind!