Cardone’s Moos

Daniel Cardone – Gap to FS tailslide. Sequence c/o Eric Antoine
Chris Cole – Willy grind.
Alex Mizurov – Switch bigspin heelflip.
Adam Hardman – 540 boneless.
James Rerez – BS 5-0. c.f. One day with…
Tommy Wisdom – Switch heelflip BS 50-50.
Daniel Cardone – Boneless.
Petr Horvat – Switch 360 flip.

Top 5 Pros who let their skating do the talking:

1. Dennis Busenitz
2. Gino Ianucci
3. Guy Mariano
4. Tom Penny
5. Heath Kirchart

And a Top 3 of those who don’t:

1. Terry Kennedy
2. Bam Margera
3. Rob Dyrdek

Photo of the Week:

Lawrence Cooper captured his main man Mike Harris getting fresh on the black rail of ye olde Stevenage.