Aime’s Moves!

Matthieu Aime – Pop shove-it ph. Alexis Vandenplas c/o Flatspot Mag

Chico Brenes – Nollie heelflip.

JB Gillet – Switch FS tailslide.

Adrian Vega – Ollie Ollie.

Joseph Biais – Kickflip FS noseslide.

Josh Kalis – Kickflip.

Dennis Busenitz – Wallride hippy jump.

Top 5 lives after skateboarding:

1. Peter Bici – Fireman
2. Pat Channita – Kickboxer
3. Tommy Guerrero – Musician
4. Jason Lee – Actor
5. Pancho Moler – Pornstar

Top 5 Hip Hop albums to skate to:

1. Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back – Def Jam
2. Ghostface Killer – Fishscale – Epic
3. Boogie Down Productions (BDP) – Criminal Minded – Landspeed
4. Ice Cube – The Predator – Priority
5. Blak Twang – Kik Off – Bad Magic/Wall of Sound

Pic Of The Week:

Jake Watt knows that West End Soldiers have got his back with this massive wallride to fakie.
Ph. Matt Thomas

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