Tom Watts Interview

Tom Watts is very good at two things. Skateboarding and drinking lager. His consistency and raw gnarliness has seen him hooked up as pro on Unabomber shortly after his ridiculous part in Urbane Mob. Now if only Stella Artois had a pro team, he’d certainly be their first team member.

Despite killing it, Tom has never really gained that much coverage in the skate press so Crossfire decided that this should change as roving reporter Neddy spent some time with the Oxford lad to catch up over a pint.

Words and video: James Needham
Pics: Leo Sharp

Easy Tom, not spoken for a while, how are things in general?

Everything’s alright at the moment, working too much, as usual!

Urbane Mob was quite a while ago now, but were you happy with the part, and what you got for it?

Yeah, I was pretty pleased with the whole video really, I might have chosen a different song for my part in hindsight, but never mind.

Not long till the new Unabomber video is out, how is it coming along?

Just starting to get some filming done, only long lens though, I’m waiting for my death lens to come over from the States, taking fucking ages.

Any trips planned for the new year?

Going to Barca in April for my birthday, so loads of skating and getting pissed up!

Less drinking = more footage! You are banned from booze when you come up to the Sheffers.
Your second pro board is out now, with a pretty rad graphic. Does it feel different skating a board that has your name on?

It’s weird having a board with my name on, doesn’t feel like I deserve it sometimes.

Even though you’ve been on Unabomber for quite a while now, how does it feel riding for a team that carries such a history within the UK scene?

It’s great riding for a company that means something to skaters in the UK.

Was growing up in Oxford skating quite daunting, especially with the old heads of the past?

Daunting isn’t the word, I don’t even think of myself in the same category (or whatever the right word is) as those guys, just watching Penny skate down the ramps was enough for me! But I just went skating coz it was fun and learned about the history as I went along.

So how did it all start out then, sponsorship wise?

Well there was the Thame comp, where I managed to get hooked up with SS20, then Budd managed to get me sorted with Flip stuff through Shiner, next was Karma, now Unabomber which is really good, along with Ace, Supra and Krew.

Worried about the little brother yet?

I am worried, but only coz he keeps breaking his ankles! He is getting good though, 15 years old doing flip back smiths on my flat bar, little bastard!

15! Fuck me, I thought he was like 20! He was killing it last time I saw him, nice hardflips on lock yo! It seems as though you don’t seem to get much coverage, does that bother you, or do you reckon you get enough?

If there’s a trick that I have in mind that I think’s worthy of a photo, then I’ll try and get a photographer out or whatever, but usually I’m pretty happy just going skating and filming.

It was mentioned in your Sidewalk Haunts of your sketchy sponsorship history, do you feel it has all settled down a bit now?

I think it has at the moment, but for me its all about feeling comfortable with the sponsors you have ya know?

Yeah I know mate, with all the sponsors I don’t have!
Back to business, what are you up to when you are not skating?

Seeing my girlfriend usually, or buying stuff online, my money doesn’t last long!

Maybe its all the booze!
It heard at SS20 that you are quite the drinker. Are the rumours true?

Nope, I’m tee-total.

Any shout outs and thanks?

Thanks to anyone who has ever helped me out. Cheers!

Have I helped you out Tom?