Ollie Tyreman Interview

Photo credits: Jim Walker

Ollie Tyreman has been shredding for a long time now, ever since the Vans Grom days stuck in a smelly bus travelling to wherever his wheels would take him. Since then, he’s grown up a bit and can be spotted frequenting almost every skate spot across our fair isle and further afield, as well as giving bouncers some lip and getting hocked out of Crossfire parties. This is also his first interview since leaving Consolidated on good terms and hooking up with Heroin Skateboards, so he took a moment to chat to our Zombie over in his Manchester hometown.

What are you doing right now?

I am at home and it’s 2:20am up answering these questions whilst listening to Jefferson Airplane and eating apple after apple.

Regulation question first me thinks- how long you been skating for and how’d you get into it?

I have been skating for about 9 or 10 years now I guess. Got into it through riding off a jump ramp in the cemetery opposite my house with some mates on our arses. Strictly plastic Argos boards. Then a mate took the ramp stood up! It was more epic at the time I suppose then hill bombing started because there’s shit loads of hills near me but since that day that’s all I have had a passion and love to do.

What’s the best thing about skating?

Having genuinely good friends who you have a common interest with. Traveling to all the different places in the world and the way you be who ever you want to be without any social stigma attached.

Did you ever think skating would take you to all the crazy places it’s took you?

Not at all, I was just skating around my town with a powerful crew of people trying to learn new tricks and getting hyped on just generally having something to do. Never for one second did I think, “this might even end up taking me to…etc”. I didn’t even know you could get sponsored for like 2 years or something or even what tricks were. We just watched the older lads skate and copied them.

What’s your favourite trip/place you’ve skated? Got any plans to go anywhere in the near future?

I really liked skating in India. It’s almost like a hidden treasure out there man. i was out there with a lot of friends riding our motorbikes to different beaches everyday, doing what we pretty much wanted really for no more than a quid. ha! I made some good mates over there too. It’s a massive shame the skate park is no longer there though. Props to India Nick for sorting that whole thing out! Near future travel plans involve a trip out to Barcelona to stay at a mates house with some Mancunion lads. That should be a good one. Other than that I guess I’ll just see what Vans/Powley has up his sleeve this year.

Who you riding for at the moment?

Right now I am riding for Vans, Momentum wheels, 2 skate shop in Manchester, Nueu and Carhartt clothing. Like to say a massive thanks to all of them for supporting me over the years.

How’s it been riding for Heroin Skateboards over the last few months?

Yeah sweet!… really good boards and regular packages! Can’t say a bad word at all man! Got me own advert after like a month of being on which was nice too…feel part of the family I guess, without sounding too gay.

What’s Fos’ secret of eternal youth?

I think not drinking/taking drugs defiantly helps on that tip! I got a lot of respect for him on that front man. Takes a strong character to keep that up. I’m really against drugs myself to a certain extent. Especially class A’s and stuff. Seeing my some of my closest friends fall victim to the addictiveness of certain drugs especially cocaine is a pretty sad thing to see. I have no problem or worries for people who use it in moderation but when people priority’s change to get “another one” then it’s fucking weak to say the least. Hopefully it’s a passing phase anyways! ha ha sorry rant on!

Have you managed to skate with all Heroin team members yet?

Yeah, well I skate with Rogie all the time and have done for like 3 years or so…getting to skate with Howard is always a treat – pretty rare occurrence but definitely sick. Ault rips and have had some sick sessions with him. I skate with Fos usually when I am in London down Stockwell or something…so yeah in general get to see most people who are on with exceptions of the Japanese and American.

Is there a new vid in the works?

Yeah well me and Rogie have just finished some little web clip thing for this very web site and the Heroin/Vans sites too then it’s time to get a good start on the new video as the weather has finally arrived! Stoked i’m finally getting to film a full proper video part without sending random bits of footage around the world. Rogie is a sick filmer too so works out good!

Do you enjoy filming?

Yeah it’s sick! It helps motivate you, as you know when you avit, it’s documented forever.

Last skate video watched?

Toy Machine

Best video part ever?

My opinion changes on this on a regular basis but for now “Alex Olson” Lakai, Fully Flared.

What rig from the Heroin vault is your selected skate tool?

The 8 inch Swirls are making a come back to anyone that knows of that or remembers it. Best shaped board ever!

OK, you had this one coming, what’s with that k’in hair cut lad?!

I realise it’s not that cool in skateboarding to get any kind of hair cut that might associate you with something else but yeah….heavily influenced by a lot of the Manchester music and that so thought I’d project that through my hair! ha! Girls seem to dig it too which is cool! Haha!

At what stage did you start modeling yourself on Lisa Stansfield?

When I realised I look like her….apparently! Ha!

You and Grove should start a band and we will do the press…

Yeah ok….that would be amazing! Not! He would either punch me to death or the fact that neither of us have any musical talent what so ever might stop play. Ha! Groves a good lad though when he’s not bezzin.

What music drives you home every night?

The same bloody CD’s in my car for the last 6 months!! Anything from the likes of Bowie, The Charlatans, Ian Brown, Shy FX, The Rev,( local radio station) Van Morrison, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, Madness, The Specials….Pretty much the Manchester super groups go down well! Psychedelic 60’s music is a must too.

Is the Manc scene rocking some new bands that we should know about?

Yeah as always! “The Thrust” mate! For those that are un familiar with The Thrust it’s a modern day punk band consisting of all my mates who skate….Eddie Belvedere is the singer which is always entertainment! Also a band called Exit State from Burnley are on the up! The Hideways are also coming up fast with strong Manc beats. My girlfriends Mum’s band too are good…Presinct they’re called. She sounds a bit like Souixie and the Banshees….Loads of local DJ’s smashing it too like Gez Curren and Ben Perry (Contort). Keep it up everyone!

You’ve been working at Central now for a while, how’s that working out? Do you actually do any work there, or just skate?

It is the best job I have ever had! I’ve been working there for just over a year now and I am glad to say I enjoy every day as all the work we do is skate related…In terms of actual work. It’s really “relaxed” I guess but there are the odd days where a graft is needed. I’m usually running errands for the boss as I am the only one that can drive out of the employees so I am out quite a lot through the day. It’s going good though for sure! We’re just getting off the ground with our distribution company “2 dist”. It’s owned by Harry who runs the park and currently it’s me and Eddie working for it too. Were getting a few brands behind us now so it’s getting good! We have big plans for this year so hopefully work out good! We do sneak in the odd “power minute” skate at work here and there too. It’s hard not too when you work in a skatepark.

What as-yet unknown shredding talent is on the up and up in MCR?

There is a lot! Since Central opened it’s like a breading ground. I’d say Nick Stands-field but he’s kind of well known. Maybe these lads called, Rikk, Seb and Louie B. Both got some moves in em and can bust a shape or two as well. Look out for those names.

Where the locals after skate hang?

Our Local is a bar called Fringe near the skatepark in the center of Manchester and hosts some amazing ciders. Good meeting point and has a good duke box! Rob Smith enjoys it in there a bit too much for my liking though! haha…avit Joe!

Tight Units?

Well the bar consists generally of old men but theres the odd “tight unit” knocking about if I may say so myself. One of the bar maids is pretty “on it” as well!

You married off or cruising the streets for action?

Yeah I’m “married off” as you put it and in a stable relationship with my girlfriend Mercedes. She’s rad! When you work at a skatepark and skate every night after work it’s good to have something else to direct your thoughts towards and take your mind off the “over load” of skateboarding. Keeps me on my toes and helps me behave so yeah all good! Good motivation to skate too.

You must be stoked that Powley has now left MCR?!

I’m pretty gutted actually! It was amazing having him around when he lived in his flat in the center…we had some good times up there and definItely have great stories from times we would crash there for like 2 weeks solid. He never minded though as long as we cleaned up and shit. I think at one point Warren moved in without anyone noticing! Sessions on the ramp down stairs too were sick although I guess he figured “Wakefield” was better!? In the words of Warren “What the hell were you thinking?!

What Vans you rocking?

All black era’s. So sick!

How can the Vans UK team take over the world?

Easy! Just give Powley another bus and 20 grand then that should do the trick….

What’s your prediction for skate fashions this year? I reckon it’s going to be “Urban” D.I.Y protective gear made out of tissue paper and duct tape.

Ha ha, my predictions are Morrissey style hair cuts, lots of tie dye tee shirts. Over print hoods, small wheels, big pants, tight tee’s, basic looking shoes and more lumber jacks. Even the fresh dudes will give into owning one. Or maybe what ever anyone on Lakai is doing?

Kebab or fish and chips?

Fish and Chips any day…

What’s the shittest thing about skating?

The way it dictates a shit diet and how it creates O.C.D.

Explain your OCD…

It’s not as bad as it used to be! It was pretty epic at one point to a degree where I was really going a bit mad. It’s totally skate related and it’s more common than I first thought. I think everyone has it to a certain level but I think I was a bit more open and less obvious about it. It’s chilled a bit now though. It’s mainly numbers for me….Like I have lucky numbers….Such as 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 22, 37 and 55. Ermmm maybe leave that one there? ha!

How can the new Crossfire site better itself?

Obvious! Put more Northerners on it! Northerners are generally better than Southerners at everything! ha!

Big ups, yo?

Just like to thanks all my mates for being fucking sick and Harry at Central for employing me and keeping the flame alive! Nice one!