Marty Murawski interview

Interview by Kyle Green
Photography courtesy of Matt Price

Kyle Green seems to get everywhere. He’s like one of those raving reporters that sits up all night searching the web for a new A-Z to come out and plans his trips accordingly.

For the record, Kyle has now been deported back to the US and we miss him but anyway, this ones all about Mr Marty Murawski so read on to find out why this gifted skateboarder landed here for this interview at Crossfire this month…

Alright man can you just give us some basic details for anyone who doesn’t know you?

Yeah man, I’m Marty Murawski, i skate for Matix, DVS, Bones, Indy and Freedom Boardshop. I’m from Mesa Arizona born and raised.

What’s it like growing up in the desert? I think you guys have about the complete opposite weather to what we have here.

Yeah it’s dry and hot in the summer, and it doesn’t rain that much at all. The winter here is very nice.

Yeah it is, during the winter you guys get a visit from pretty much every skater on the planet right?

Yeah during the winter time it seems like everyone is in town. Some move here for the winter others hang for weeks then leave then come back, it’s always a good time.

So can you even really skate during the summer or do you pretty much have to stay inside with the air conditioner waiting for the sun to go down?

Yeah just wait till 8pm when it gets dark, then skate all night and sleep all day.

So what kinda ways do you combat the non-skate boredom when its blazing hot?

Swimming a lot and playing video games…also hang with my lady.

Backside 180 nose grind.

That doesn’t sound too bad at all.I think most people out here would like to be in your shoes sweating there ass off. You ever been out to the UK?

Yeah, it’s such a good time. I think I was there at the best time of the year. It gets pretty cold and wet huh?

Yeah it gets pretty bad, it seems like we didn’t even have a summer this year just like one nice week then back to grey.

Yeah I don’t mind the greyness I like wearing long sleeves and jackets.

What did you think of all the spots here compared to those massive perfect skateparks you guys have out there?

The spots I skated were fun, just any new spots for me are fun, I really liked the way everything looked out there. The skateparks here are fun but Arizona is so flat and dusty. I do love going to the park every night and cruising around with my friends.

So you don’t mind adapting to some roughness then? Seems like a lot of people come here and just get put off by the cracks everywhere all the puddles and the miserable people etc.

I don’t mind cracks and stuff, I don’t think I have ever bondo’ed anything ever in my life. just skate it as is, wax if necessary but that’s it.

Or just take another push.

Yeah I’ve definitely had to do that a few times.

Well what did you think of Southbank? I could see you busting a few moves down there.

I loved it! my shoulder was kind of hurt while I was out there but I still loved it.

Did you have on your shoulder brace that looks like a bra?

Haha yeah I did! I don’t have to wear it anymore though.

Yeah, you gotta be careful wearing something like that down Southbank, you’ll lose some style points you know?!

Yeah it was cool you couldn’t see it. and it was either that or pop my shoulder out of place and have to ask someone to pull my arm out to pop it back in.

That would have definitely lost you style points.

Haha and it would have hurt a lot as well!

How did you even do that to your shoulder by the way?

Just fell wrong on it like two years ago and it popped out. it kept happening over time so i had a sports doctor tighten everything up, its been all good after that.

Backside hip flip.

Well that’s good to hear. We cant have you out there with your arm flappin’ about out of the socket.

Yeah I’m happy about that.

So you were mentioning how much you miss meeting everybody at the skatepark when your away, and having visited a few times I know you guys have a really rad skate scene out in Phoenix, can you sum up what the Tempe park is and how important it is to everyone there.

It’s the park that has everything, it’s right in the middle of the valley and its where everyone hangs out and has fun. All the kids are cool and just want to have a good time. Even if you have a bad day the Tempe Park session at night is always a good time. Oh and sometimes Matt Price will get mad and snap his board which is also fun to watch.

Seems like a much better way to spend your nights. Cause I know when the sun goes down here most people are heading straight to the pub.

Well that happens here too.

Haha yeah Tempe park then bar.

I go through phases, skate then bar or sometimes just skate and skate.

You ever bar then skate?

If it’s a mini ramp, then yes I will.

Last time i tried to bar then skate I got into a fight with a brick wall…he won.

Haha nice, yeah he’s been working out.

The last time I skated Arizona it was overwhelming the amount of good skating going on. Who is really holding it down at the moment?

Man so many kids are good. I’m gonna say John Motta and Jon Rob because I just saw some new footage of them and it’s really good stuff. But there are alot of good ones right now…

Yeah John Motta. That creep can roll man.

So good.

Nose grind.

If you had to pick just one skater in the entire world who would you say is winning the most?

Probably Lucas Puig.

Yeah but he’s French.

(long pause)

Haha just kidding he is a fine choice

Yeah just his style and his tricks are sooo good.

So what’s it like living with the worlds happiest photographer Matt Price?

It’s a great time. This summer we haven’t been able to hang much. Either he’s in town but i’m on a trip or i’m in town and he’s on a trip. This winter should be a blast though, lots of skating.

Have you ever come home and caught him doing something really embarassing like cleaning the house in the nude or crying while reading “chicken soup for the teenage soul”?

Umm let me think, one time I came home and my brother was passed out on the couch drunk and his dick was hanging out. He was halfway on the couch with the TV blasting full volume.

Wait, is this Matt or your Brother?

No no my Brother, he stayed on our couch for a month or three.

Oh man, I heard your brother was quite a character, please induldge us in one of his more memorable shenanigans.

God so many stories. Ok this one has Price in it as well so I will tell that. I was out of town and Price called me up and said “dude when is your brother moving out”? So i said “why what’s up” and he said ” dude came home and he was half naked eating a burger on the new couch, so I said, dude don’t eat that shit on my new couch and he simply replied” – “I’m gonna eat it all over your couch Price” and started spilling it all over the couch, then he started kicking his shoes at Price knocking things off the wall then he passed out with his boxers down and his bare ass on the couch! Price wasn’t too happy to be scared in his own house.


My other Brother is even crazier.

Are you the most normal in the family?

Yeah me and my sister, my brother is really rad he’s just an angry drunk.

I think you, your Brothers and price should all live together get a little weiner dog and make a TV show out of it.

Haha would you watch it?

Yeah I would, but seriously what’s the best thing about weiner dogs?

They are so funny looking, I just get hyped when i see them, its the only dog that I get hyped on. I want to have one so when i get home even if I had a bad day a get to see that little bastard and he will hype me up and make me think “look at this little guy ,he’s all funny looking and shit but he’s still happy so shouldn’t I be happy too”?

Well I hate to rain on your parade but my grandparents had one growing up and it was a little shit, it would bite me and bark non stop.

Awww not mine, he better not.

Well when you gonna step it up and get one? Hold on I got the perfect idea for you.

What is it?

Wait till it’s your girlfriends birthday or Christmas or something like that then get one claiming its a gift for her but really its for you…boom. Two birds one stone, weiner dog achieved!

Haha, yeah but her birthday was three days ago so I will have to wait till Christmas, plus I want to make sure I’m around for the little man too, maybe when I travel less and have a back yard for him.

So what’s up with Blueprint?

Well we are working on something. Dan Magee is flying out to the states to meet up with Shier, Coakley and I in LA then we are gonna go out to AZ. I’m hype on it, been into Blueprint for sometime now, since the Waiting For The World vid came out. Always liked the company and their videos and I’ve been getting boards from them for a little bit now, so I’m excited to try and get something going with them.

Well hopefully this interview comes out after your out here or else you wont be doing any skating you’ll be too busy signing boobs.

Haha yeah better get out there soon then!

What kind of message of hope and inspiration would you like to give the young children of the UK?

Man just be yourself, skate and have fun, i don’t know life is short

Thats very nice Marty, is there anybody you would like to thanks or say hi to?

I would like to thank my sponsors, Tony at Matix, Tim Gavin and Gabe at DVS, Rick and Sam for hooking me up and helping me with product over the years, Lance at Indy, Jared at bones and Swiss, Eric Olson, Brandon and Jason at freedom, Matt Price, Travis Adams, Chavo, My brothers, anyone I missed and Kyle gotta thank you as well.

Awwwwww, well thanks for talking with us man.

No worries.