Kyle Green Interview

Kyle Green is a stowaway who graces our shores a few times a year and stays at Death’s House of Doom.

Not only can he ride a plank, he also has a firm interest in art which inspired Zac to ask Kyle’s bum chum Horsey to get some words out of him.

You can read a Horsey interview here but this one is all about Kyle Green and his obsession with his fingers.

Horsey: Easy mate, how are you?

Kyle: Is that the first question?!

Well technically it is. I wasn’t sure how to get it started so I thought I’d play it safe!

Oh well I’m doing well how are you?

I’m great thanks. Is this your first interview?

Uhhmmm… Yes, I believe so.

It’s my first time interviewing someone so just bear with me. Let’s start with the basics….who are you and where are you from?

I’m Kyle Christopher Roy Green and I’m from Santa Cruz California USA.

So tell me, what’s the point of art?

Fuck knows. For me it’s something fun to do to pass the time!

I’ll go straight to the big ones. As an artist and a human being what inspires you in life?

Probably my friends first and foremost and then the artists and skateboarders that I admire but are not my friends secondly.

Who really killing it right now and whose been killing for a long time?

Some of my favorites are Todd Bratrud, Devon Green, Travis Millard, George Thompson, Mike Aho, Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel. Oh! And Patrick Jilbert too- I can’t forget him. I like simple ideas that are well executed.

Me too. I’m a big fan of Todd too. So, you and him are pretty tight right? How did you meet him?

Back in Santa Cruz, I was friends with his wife first. She worked at Skateworks and I guess she liked my brother Devon and I, so she set us up on a skate date with Todd. That was like 7 years ago or something.

So, you’re living with him now right? How’s that all work out?

It’s pretty good, it just us two and our friend George. We all share a warehouse space so there’s more than enough room. Plus those two are always traveling abroad so it feels like I own the place sometimes.

Bet that feels good. What’s it like in Costa Mesa? Your place is right near the Flip and Volcom warehouses, do you see them dudes about or get to skate with them?

Yeah sometimes, I never really make plans to go skate or anything it sometimes just falls into place, and Todd has a key to Volcom which is one block away so that’s pretty much the only place we end up skating

Did I tell you I asked Todd for some questions?

No, you didn’t. Lay them on me.

There’s five. I’m just going to say them like I got them: What’s with the sudden fixation with the moustache?

He’s referring to the moustache I had for a couple of weeks. It was off the hook but its gone now.

I saw a picture, looked tight!

Thanks. I got a lot of shit for it but I thought it was handsome.

I had one going for a while but it was pathetic! Question 2: I hear you are not too good on a bike, what’s with all the wipeouts?

I only do bad when I try and ride on the sand during meteor showers.

Is that what’s happening on your MySpace?

Yeah, Todd’s got impeccable timing with that camera of his.

That guy doesn’t fuck about! Question 4: How is it sleeping on the top bunk above the one and ONLY Todd Bratrud?

Oh man, secrets out! Yes- Todd and I have bunk beds, and sleeping on the top is probably way better than sleeping on the bottom with all the cockroaches and spiders.

How’d you manage to score the better bed?

He said “I get bottom bunk. I fucking hate you Kyle.” and that was that. (Laughter)

Yeah, I could see him saying that. Final question: I fucked up, there are only 4. If you are such a big fan of London why are you still in the States?

Well, living in London is great because I have lots of friends that I really miss and I think the skate scene is so much better out there. But, unfortunately it’s so expensive especially for an American. So, for now I gotta stay in the shared warehouse and try to save some bucks.

You’re going to come back one day, right? How many times you been over here?

Like four, I think. Last time really took it out of me

Why’s that?

I had no money it was freezing cold and I was sleeping on your floor for a month straight. Still fun though!

Good times man! Who’s your favourite English person?

My granddad.

So you got a bit of English in you? Thought so.

Yeah, I got a lot of English in me. I’ll tell you who I have been feeling lately though is that Colin Kennedy.

He’s a marvelous skater.

Oh, he’s Scottish huh?

Yeah. Did you see Blueprint’s Big Push edit this year?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it… Those Blueprint guys know what there doing. I’m still anxiously awaiting the Death one. You know what? I just watched is the Landscape video.

That’s one of the best skate videos ever made!

I’m a fan! Toby Shuall is in my top five for sure.

That guy is amazing. It’s a pity he doesn’t skate for them anymore.

Fos was telling me he seriously injured himself, so he isn’t doing much skating at all, such a shame. I remember seeing him in Santa Cruz when I was a kid, didn’t know who he was it was just some English guy scraping the graphics of his wheels at the skate shop.

Why was he doing that?

How should I know?? Maybe it helps with those frontside nollie heelflips.

So, let’s talk about . What is it?

It’s just a little side project to put some doodles and such up, but it’s obviously turned into a global phenomenon. We got like 4-five people looking at it daily!

Did you ever imagine that that little website would one day lead to this epic interview?

Not in my wildest dreams. Whose idea was this by the way?

Zac’s. He said he was feeling your stuff then I said I could get him a exclusive interview and he jumped at the chance of it.

Oh wow! Tell him to buy some of my drawings. I’ll give him a real good price- I’ll pay him! (Laughter).

Do you ever sell your stuff?


Why not?

(Hesitates) Well, I guess I kinda sold stuff for all the board graphics I’ve done.

Soon as this interview drops everybody’s going to want a piece of you!

I doubt it.

Who have you done boards for?

The Death Skateboards guys mostly.

Which ones?

I wanted to do loads of stuff for a while for different people, but then I realised it was no fun, so I pretty much just do stuff with my friends now.

That’s cool. Which of the boards were yours? Are you doing anymore for us?

There’s always a chance. I did that Nicolson one and the Andy Scott one which may or may not be available at your local skateshop.

The Nicholson one was a very popular, and a high seller I’ll have you know. So, you’re properly rich now right? What’s the most lavish thing you own?

I just got a house plant. Maybe my diamond encrusted I-phone though… The funny thing is it hasn’t worked once since I bought it.

What does the future hold for you, project-wise?

I’m mainly just concentrating on keeping it real right now. I’m trying to do some stuff with Volcom right now, so hopefully that will go down soon, fingers crossed.

What are your five go-to tunes right now?

Lately it’s been The Fiery Furnaces, Animal Collective, Belle and Sebastian, Roky Erickson, and Public Enemy. Let’s do some more fives these are easy.

Ok. Top five skate spots?

Volcom, Santa Cruz High, Canary Wharf, all of Arizona, the curbs in my parking lot.

Top five London eateries?

Ecco pizza, Bagel shop, Tescos, Nando’s, Ecco pizza. I’m a cheap bastard.

What do you miss most about London? Rob Falcon, bagels or street beers?

All three combined.

Top five hot skateboard stunt moves for next year?

I’m not watching another video or reading another mag till I see Pappalardo in the Lakai video.

Oi, I need some footage of you for the Death video!

I was kidding about the Lakai thing!

Are you going to have a good part?

No. Skating good is over-rated.

Look at Rob Falcon, for example.

Or Dan Cates for that matter! (Laughter)

What kinda shit do you need to make a good part?

Camera beaming and tic-tacs, and lots of wallrides.

You’re going to be stoked on my part then! What kinda drugs do you do?

I can’t answer that, my mom might read this!

So, you do do drugs?

Drugs aren’t cool.

Zorlac just told me to say ‘Hi’ and the Andy Scott board is in. He’s going to send you one.

That’s awesome, I love you Nick! So is my Nicholson board the best selling board in the history of the company?

I’ve just been informed that the OG white skull on black board is the biggest seller ever, but the Nicolson is definitely up there. Zorlac says he knows loads of people who swear by it.

Ahhhh! That’s cute. I heard they even sell it at Slam City Skates.

Have you ever seen Tony Hawk?

Yes, at Bay 66 of all places, and Styley was taking photos of him!

Who would you rather hang out with, Styley or Tony Hawk?

Oh my god! Are you kidding me?! Styley any day of the week!

Correct answer!

Styley is boss of all men. Dude is like the happiest man on earth. He’s second only to Troy West. He’s like a Australian Muska.

I don’t know who that is..?

You will soon. dude, I think we’re done here.

It’s 4.34am and I’m fucked. Any shout outs or ‘thank you’s’?


Go nuts.

Horsey for putting up with this, Zac at Crossfire for caring, Sam Maguire and Matt Price for the photos, Todd Bratrud and George Thompson for putting me up, my mommy and daddy for making me. Zorlac and everyone at Death/Power Distribution. Anybody who cares really. Check out , ,

Interview achieved!

Thanks man!