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Devine Calloway

May 20th, 2005 by Crossfire

If there was an award for the happiest looking skater whilst riding then this kid would probably scoop it up and leave the rest with egg on their faces. Devine was one of 3 US skaters that visited the UK during April on a DC Shoes Tour alongside the full UK Team. With a beamer that big we had to take 15 mins of this little fellas time to see what makes him get up in the morning and this is what went down. Questions were written by Ralph LD and thrown at Devine by Zac in the UK team wagon….

Full name please sir:

Devine Jerome Calloway! Haha!


20 years old.

Do you know where you are right now?

Er.Heathrow, .no London, Playstation – no..Bay 66..yeah!

So when did you get in?

A couple of days ago now.

Have you sessioned any London delicacies so far?

Yeah, Southbank! I like that spot a lot, it’s like one of my favourite spots. It was my first time there and I had just seen footage, so wanted to skate there a while.

Have you been here before?

Yeah, once, on a stop over though on the way back from Barcelona, but we did not get to tour the town, we chilled in the hotel.

So where are you from?

Bakersfield, California, all my life, and still there now.

Not tempted by the beach then?

Nah, I love Bakersfield. I like home!

How long have you been on DC Shoes now?

About 7 months now. I rode for Action back in the day and also DVS, but now I’m on the DC team all hooked up properly, it’s pretty cool, especially as we get to travel to places like London to skate!

So, you are now hooked up on Chocolate?

Yeah, it kind of happened at the same time as DC really, it all happened quickly. DC took me on tour, they hooked me up and put me on the team, then Chocolate followed and it all happened the same time.

So, do you get up every morning and crack out backside flip, fakie 5-0’s on the bench in 7th street?

Yeah, you know, first try everyday! Haah! Nah..i get all my moves from Heath Brinkley the DC Team manager! Haha!

Let’s open up one of your fave tricks. What is the secret to frontside 360 pop-shuvits?

Oh, that is a tough one.ok, here we go, it’s back foot placement pretty much. You have got to have it right in the center and it scoops perfect and it won’t flip over. A lot of times when most people try and do it, it will flip cos their back foot is not placed right, but if it’s right in the middle, it keeps the board centered. This is definitely one of my favourite tricks. Ralph did his homework then huh!?

What is your all time fave trick then?

Ah, frontside flips, I do that one a lot, they feel great.

Is there a particular style of skating that you can’t skate and would like to?

Probably vert.I can drop in! But that is it, I can’t skate it..i can skate mini ramps..in fact my friend has one in his backyard and we skate that all the time. My fave trick on mini ramps are smith grinds, they are the most fun tricks ever!

So, if Danny Way phoned you up one day and said to you, in order to cement your place on the DC team, you will have drop into the megaramp at Point X Camp and pull a trick over the gap, what would you do?

Aha! I would get all padded up, and go for it. I would probably try a frontside flip, no grab, or a straight kickflip, that would be sick!

Have you ever been out there?

Nah, not yet, I would love to go though it looks amazing!

So, when you left Bakersfield for Europe, did you pack some tunes to get you through the trip?

Oh yeah, I got an i-POD with various music on there. I got Curtis Mayfield, there is a song called Freddie’s Dead, and I can always listen tto that no matter what.loads of old school shit, but also stuff like Fifty Cent and some rock shit to like Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, The Smiths.I like the English stuff to.

Fave skaters?

Right now? My brother, Everett Stallion, Lyndsey Robertson, Jerome Rogers, Mike Carrol, and Rick Howard.

Any shouts?

Yeah, thanks for this interview, thanks to DC for hooking up the tour and bringing me out here, Mum and Dad and the family back home, all the Bakersfield homies and all the kids out here that came to see us skate.

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