Ben Nordberg – Extremely Sorry interview

Photos from Flip Blog

Ben Nordberg has been on a monster journey over the last 2 years. His first taste of UK team action was with Blueprint last year following a last minute swerve from an offer from Stereo in the US.

These days though Ben seems to have settled down at Flip after the label came in for him ahead of their highly anticipated Extremely Sorry video release.

We caught up him whilst currently on The Big Push this week as the film premiere’s across the US.

How was today on the Big Push and where’s the Vans team at?

We skated Leeds, was a long one. There’s me, Vile, Grove, Manhead and Chris Oliver and Gardner and Niall on media duty, we are now at Powley’s!

I’ve heard Niall does ballet…

Yeah, on the sly…

So what’s your thoughts on the revamped Big Push this year, is it working? Is everyone amped?

It’s a bit more challenge steez this year, do set tricks, go to certain parks etc….yeah it’s really fun.

Who rolled out the hammers today?

Manhead did some good stuff, can’t really remember though, sorry, i’m fucking tired!

You made the switch to Flip, how was hanging in the states with the team?

Fuck there where so many highlights. Just skating with those guys was insane and plus everyone is really cool which is a bonus…

How much filming did you manage to get down whilst you were there?

I got a fair bit done. It was hard to begin with just cause of how different it was to England. The weather was a pleasant change though and most of the spots where fucking good, by the end I was getting the hang of it.

We saw you steezing it in a hot tub at the side of a bowl sesh, spill the beans on that spot, it looked fucking sick!

Haha….that’s Jeremy’s house, he’s got a crazy bowl in his back yard…its so good.

Could you just imagine doing that in Milton Keynes?

Not quite the same eh?

So, if Jeremy’s pool is the mecca, how much of an influence is the Fox in the daily Flip program before a new video is about to drop?

He’s all over it….that is one busy man! He’s a big influence, he’s the boss!

I flew out to HB and stayed with a hardcore band in the 90’s. Was skating the HB park one afternoon on my own and Tom and Jeremy rock up. They say hello, realise i’m from the UK, chuck me in the van, flowed me some gear and we hit up Chickens pool. They were stoked to meet another Brit and were just starting out over there. That is Flip family right there with open arms and I will never forget it….I take it the vibe is still the same, did you get a big welcome when you all hooked up?

Yeah, still the same. The first members of the team I met where Geoff, David, Luan, Curren and Louie in Pheonix then we drove back down to LA met Apples etc, everyone was really welcoming and no bad vibes!

How much time in the future do you think you will spend in the states with the rest of the team? Could you do the Cali life full time?

Yeah, I could do some of that for sure. I’m going back in 2 weeks time so looking forward to it.

Filming footage for the new ‘Extremely Sorry’ film must be an exciting prospect, how much footage are we expected to see from you, have you been involved in what goes on or does the footage disappear until the premiere?

I don’t have a full section but I share a section. I have no idea what my part is going to look like but i’m hyped to see it. More hyped to see the rest of the video though, the line up is intense plus it’s sick that it has a completely original soundtrack!

Baron has been working hard, what styles of music have you heard from him on the soundtrack?

Yeah, he’s smashing it! I haven’t heard too much of what he’s made but the stuff i’ve heard is fucking sick!

What’s the drill?

I dunno how to explain it, you can just wait and see for yourself!

If you had to pick a track for your own section, what would you go for?

Ooh….it probably have to be a bit of Sizzla!

What would Niall and Gardner have?

Fucking Morrissey probably! I would like to have ACDC as well but don’t think I would pull it off.

Have you not gone for the rock and roll look yet?

Nah, not yet haha!

I reckon you would look dapper in a bandana..

Fuck that! [laughs}

Top 3’s for the ender…what 3 pro skaters in a mini ramp jam?

Deawon, Appleyard and Penny.

3 graphics of all time

Penny -Mushroom one, Appleyard – Yellow apples or something like that……New flip boards….P2 ones!

3 tricks that are a pain in the arse?

Switch tre’s, nollie flips, frontside flips.

3 injury niggles…

Ass bone, knee, elbow.

3 artists of all time?

Sizzla, Barrington Levy, Bob Marley….standard.

3 skate videos…

Sorry, Man Down, Chomp on This.

3 reasons to be at the premiere on the 25th Sept?

To watch the video, to watch the video!!!… to get drunk….!

Click here for the Extremely Sorry premiere details and last minute advance tickets. Look out for the film to drop in October.