Andrew Reynolds interview


The Boss, also known as the legendary Andrew Reynolds has been one of the major names in skateboarding for well over a decade.

With Andrew being involved with Baker, Emerica and Birdhouse throughout his career and now launching his own brand Altamont, as well as becoming a father recently, we decided to get a 10 minute Quikfire out of him.

Daily routine?

Starbucks, cigarette, playing with the kid, a bunch of nothing and maybe some skating and guitar playing in there somewhere.

Is Baker looking to launch the first toddler squad?

Being a dad fucking rules.

Reynolds and the infamous frontside flip. Help or a hindrance?

It helps because they think of something rather than nothing.

What do you want people to know about you instead of that – a love for Mozart? A keen gardener?

I listen to the goat and I pay people to take care of the yard.

Are the people arguing over style missing the point?

Not really. A person’s style is what sets them apart. I think it’s important.

Main inspiration for putting together Altamont?

A bunch of bad skate clothing companies inspired me.

Altamont conjures up images of a fallen generation. Explain your view.

Names don’t matter. Look at the name “Baker”, it makes no sense.

How did Mark ‘Fos’ Foster become involved with Altamont?

Fos rips at skating, I’ve always loved the Heroin stuff and he rules.

What does he bring to Altamont?


What made you sign up Bryan Herman, Kenny Hoyle, Sammy Baca, Sir Theotis Beasley and Garret Hill?

Sammy Baca picked the team.

European visit for Team Altamont?

I hope so.

Influences on and off board?


Which foreigner would you love to session with and what would you do afterwards to wind down?

I would take a walk with Ali Boulala.

Funniest rumour you ever heard about yourself?

I think some kids think Bryan (Herman) is my son, which means he would have been born when I was about 8 or something.

The Emerica mansion. How/Why?

Everyone was out of a place to live so they hooked us up.

Now that Jerry Hsu is on the team do Emerica feel indestructible?

Pretty much.

When a new skater joins the Emerica team does the discussion of a new member arriving take place before they are appointed?

Yeah the team talks about it, we all agreed Jerry is the shit.

The upcoming young skater in the US right now?

Sammy Baca

LA in one word?


Kids want to be on Emerica or Baker, what do they have to do to get recognition?

The stars have to be aligned.

If Baker didn’t work, what was your back up plan?

Baker not work. Hahahaha! You guys are funny!

Obsessive compulsive 3-taps disorder?

It makes me get tricks.

Do you think you’ve started a trend with it?

I hope not because a lot of kids are going to be wasting time.

Problem tricks

360 flips.

Style or stair count?

I just skate.

Being so young, how did it feel to be part of such a legendary skate video like The End?

I was stoned.

Gershon Mosely. What was all that about?

When you’re an alcoholic like myself a lot of bad shit happens. 5 years sober now. Haven’t gotten beat up since, weird huh?

World’s sexiest vegetarian rumour?!

I ate a meal today that had three kinds of meat in it. It was so good. I’m not a vegetarian.

After pro skateboarding has run its course for you, you will……

…do kickflips on flatground.

Biggest regret?

None, nothing, never.

Biggest aspiration?

I just want to be a good dad and kill the streets.

Tunes you can’t leave the country without?

Lil Wayne, and Nick Cave and the Goat.

Future video release?

Stay Gold coming soon

Favourite quote…

Hahahaha, Baker not working!!!!!