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HUF Stoops Tour footage – Southbank, London

Photo: Keith Hufnagel signs the Long Live Southbank campaign.


If the sound of a skater owned company with heritage in the scene is music to your ears, then HUF’s legacy is something unique to take in and cherish. Keith Hufnagel’s army impressed across Europe and then chose Manchester and London as their preferred destinations to show off their impressive shoe team in the UK. Following a signing at Note on Monday afternoon and some street shredding in between rain showers, a visit to London’s Slam City Skates went down ahead of this demo that attracted a full house on the sunny side of the Thames.

The crowds were four people deep at Southbank, the team were 10 crew strong with Keith Hufnagel, Josh Matthews, Kevin Terpening, Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Joey Pepper, Peter Ramondetta and newly signed team riders Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette in tow with Thrasher fam. Enjoy our footage filmed on the day by Dan Buck Joyce and his Black Magic happy stick set to the sounds of Babysitter.

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