Steve Gourlay Gallery

Steve Gourlay is a name that never leaves the Crossfire radar. Last year we were overjoyed to have a Triple Shot feature with someone we can only describe as one of the world’ s most naturally able skate photographers, and since then we’ve been getting off to his photos on the regular. His CV is bulging with magazines and brands that have flourished thanks to him hunched on stairs or something equally uncomfortable cradling a Hassleblad. Though based down under, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across his work in adverts for Element, Baker, Clich√©, Almost, Ezekiel, Hurley, Vans or countless other things worldwide. It’s a pleasure to have Steve here cutting the ribbon to the new guest gallery.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to continue writing an introduction that gives the amazing photos in the gallery below the credit they deserve¬† without it descending into some seriously unintentional brown-nose territory. As you can see for yourselves, the pictures below are incredible. So, if you’re viewing this on your phone’s browser like a chump, stop now and get to a big screen so you can see these photos in all their hi-resolution goodness.

Welcome to The Gallery, click here if you would like to visit Steve’s blog.

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