Secret Skate Session at The Pool

Last night (25th May), a select few skaters were invited to skate The Pool, Nike’s latest impressive press stunt that took over a swimming pool in Dagenham and turned it into a fun palace. Brendan Ryall and the boys went down there to enjoy a secret session and came back with some footage and a few photos.

Let’s start this short insight into The Pool by saying that this place is GIGANTIC. The transitions are all monsters. Look at the size of the extension compared to the guys on the platform to work out that we are talking up to 13ft or more from the bottom! This particular part of the park was sessioned a lot. Knowing everyone had only 3 hours to skate this place meant that figuring out the transitions and lines was hard. The session was a tad frustrating for some as a lot of individual tricks were being performed on individual areas rather than free-flowing sessions. When those runs were go they were amazing but not all who dared had it in them to get round the park, mainly because of others dropping in to take tricks home. It was carnage.

Joe Habgood spent the whole night trying to ollie up the roll in slide thing which is massive, and he made it at the end. Ben Nordberg was on fire as you would expect. Andy Scott was making it look like a mini ramp and all the vert/transition guys were grinning all night. We also saw some gnarly slams due to how slippy it was in there. The surface of the wood seemed to be fine for wheels but as soon as you ran out of tricks it was an ice rink which made skating this even more fun.

Special guest Lance Mountain hurt himself at the protec pool party this weekend, so he was a no show unfortunately. But Chet Childress made the flight and was there charging through the Pool like a caveman pulling the fastest blunt back disasters on the extension amongst much more. In my opinion, the transitions are a bit too long for skateboards. Everything was oversized due to the swimming pool mainly being custom built for BMX’s but there was a fun mini ramp built in there so the tech ninjas were loving those long tranny’s and some good shit went down.

Overall Nike put on a good night out with plenty pizza and drinks to keep everyone fueled and charged so thanks for the hospitality. Have a peep at some phone footage of Habgood’s make here from Paul Carroll.