Savoir Faire Premiere London


It’s Friday 21st June 2008 and the Savoir Faire film premiere plays at Red Bull’s corperate offices in Central London to a select few bods who made the guest list. Free drink gathered pace at the bar and liquid was shared overlooking the heart of London next to Centrepoint.

Full sections from Div Adam, John Tanner, Dave Snaddon, Stephen Roe and Chris Oliver stole the show whilst guest riders including Nicky Howells, Oli Tyreman, Danny Wainwright, Kris Vile, Benson and many more added to the success. Props to Alex Irvine, Ciaran O’Connor and Kevin Parrott who have all chipped in to produce another banging UK scene DVD. Look out for its release over the next 2 weeks in your local skater owned shop via Power Distribution.