Road Trippin’ with Sam Pulley

Pulley tail grabs for Vincent F Mos’ lens.


Heading out on a skate trip into new terrain is usually the most exciting part of the year but planning ahead can be vital to make sure that your journey is hassle free and full of fun. With the winter climate closing in this month, many sponsored skaters will be hitting the road to pick up footage from warmer countries, so before the rush we caught up with a few UK heads to give you an insight into past experiences and a few tips to assist you with your own journey.

Kill City and Carve Wicked general Sam Pulley is celebrating his Birthday today so raise a glass to his dedication to the UK scene and take in his recommendations on products to stowaway, survival tips, passing time in between sessions and tales from previous missions.

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“Bit of a gay obvious one but always take a skate tool on trips…or at least make sure someone else has one. When there’s a van full of goons with no tool, you can end up not skating for a day, or having to skate a different board that is the rankest.. 2nd choice has to be CRV-WKD Dog-tags.. Wearing those reminds me to keep my faith in the carve and not to let the brothers down.”


“TRAVEL LIGHT! If you’re thinking of taking a nature shit (the best kind of shit), look for an old car tyre or two to sit on. Their soft rubbery exterior cushion the hoop like nothing else. And as for the paperwork, go for something natural like a sycamore leaf. They’re a good size. Swabbing your doughnut with things like newspaper can leave poor headlines on your butt-hole.”


“A good YouTube session always goes down tidy. If everyone has a share of funny things to watch and quote, serious convo gets left out and the van has a real nice time.”


“The funniest situation I can think of on the road has to be when we were skating the old abandoned Uni in Newport (Over the double kink rail into the big horrible bank). We ended up dicking about there a bit after we were done and a few of us ended up lobbing bins etc through windows of the Uni and it was really noisy. The fuzz ended up showing up so naturally we all split like bell ends.

Everyone went off in separate groups of 3 or so, I ended up with TM and photographer of the trip (no names just in case) and after running into the bushes of the uni, and across a mini stream, we had to garden-hop our way to safety. Everyone surprisingly got away with it and we all met in Le Pub in Newport and had a victory Red Stripe!”

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