Nueu ‘Ride with Us’ Tour

1st August 2007

The NueuRide with Us” trip was a bit of an experiment to see what would happen if you opened up a road trip to whoever fancied coming along.

Predictably at the ‘Start Point‘ it was pissing down with rain and no one except the crew I’d rounded up for the Vans bus had turned up!

With everything except our spirits dampened we headed down to Bristol and left the rain behind (as it happened for the rest of the week) and en route the phone started ringing. My old friend ‘G’ aka the Baron had decided to tag along for a few days, Phil from Nueu had brought the Essex contingent and the Casual/Curb Surfers crew from Kent also joined in. So there we had it, our own little four vehicle convoy, a few days later G headed home but he was replaced by Hastings Joe who appeared as if by magic in Exeter.

I could go into real details about the week but you’re better off waiting to see the footage as it will do it much more justice. We slept where we could – car boot sales fields, a beautiful beach and outside a nightclub but even the hardest of us succumbed to a hotel for a couple of nights (it did have a mini ramp and bar in it too). Incidents included multiple arrests, Tyreman getting a hiding, Rob Smith buying a gas mask and Aaron Sweeney setting a new Cornish hill climbing record. For a crew that didn’t really know each other things went really well, destinations were chosen with simple group votes as were camp sites and restaurants. No one complained all week, even when it started raining on Saturday, we knew we’d done well to avoid it whilst the rest of the country was suffering from floods. We’d all had a good time and made the decision to call an end to it one day early and come home on a high.

At the end of the day I’d have to say it was a huge success and we’re all hoping to do it all again next year on a different route. New friends were made and there’s plenty of tales to be told from our adventure. Hopefully you’ll join us next time too.

Written by Nic Powley
Footage by Niall Kenny