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Meanwhile 2009 Summer edit

November 25th, 2009 by Crossfire

Photo: Awadh

If you have been tuned into this place since its birth you are probably aware that Meanwhile Gardens here in W11 is one of our local spots. We are lucky here as the MW2 Gap is close, Bay66 is next door and the M4, M25 and M1 are not too far so we can get out to other spots easily. Crossfire was born when we moved to the area after seeing the plans for the Meanwhile 1’s rebuild back in 2000 and it has served up amazing sessions to so many great skateboarders.

It has witnessed the gnar of Tom Crowe clearing the steps, the thunderous runs of John Robinson with airs that clear the platforms, the snake sessions with Howard Byrom (oh yes mate we still remember!) I could go on and on, but the main thing is that we are always up for a sesh and welcome anyone from out of town who rolls in to join us.

This summer was one of the best so Alan Christensen made it his mission to film some of the evening sessions that went down. So here’s a bunch of geezers who love getting a bowl sesh on and also love a cold beer at the local pub afterwards. This edit features a few tricks from Awadh, Jamie, Joff, Laurie, 2P, Adam, Stevie, Neil, Brendan, and Jesse. Enjoy…


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