Kelley Dawson: Fresh Blood


Full Name: Kelley Dawson.

Age: 16.

Sponsors: Non.

Hometown: Bromsgrove!

Skating since: 2004.

Favorite tricks: Back Tails and Back Smiths!

Favorite spots/terrain: Anything and Everything!

Inspired by: Hyped in the early days by seeing John Fisher and Phil Shore at my local park and more recently just getting hyped of filming and traveling with friends.

Hates: Kingsmill bread and the thought of getting a 9-5!

Loves: Rolling away from something new and challenging myself.

Can’t live without… Skating and chips.

Skate video: Sk8 Mafia am video.

Fave sesh with who and where: Anywhere with Rob Whiston, Jon-T, Jon ‘Duck’ Adams, Phil Shore (before he deported himself back to Canada), Si Wilan and James ‘J-rock’ Jones.

Music to die to: Biggie Smalls.

Ultimate aim in life: To Skate as long as possible and maybe live in another country for a while.

Phil Shore on Kell:

Kelley Dawson! What can I say about him? Well considering that he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He makes a person feel welcome in his presence. As for his diet, I believe his internet obsession with Donovan Strain has his mind geared towards Welchs grape drink, which obviously adds to his pure steez and butteryness on a skateboard. Keeping in mind that the kid either lives off the chippy or a big ass bag of sweets!

He’s one of the most determined skateboarders out there. Always down to film a trick, always calling you to get down the local park for a sesh and he basically keeps the local crew together! Straight up, no slacking allowed! This guy is a real fucking skateboarder!!

Thanks to Simon Wilan for the footage and Jon Evans for the photo.