Crossfire Halloween Massacre 2009 – Gallery feature!

By throwing out time at 5am, the bar was dry, although not all eyes were. This was certainly the most raging party Crossfire have ever thrown, and for the roadblocked gatecrashers who sold it out, a night to live long in the memory.

Lady Starlight, who made her UK debut at the party said it was the “best time of my life, except for a few revealing wardrobe malfunctions…but I suppose I’m known for those aren’t I?!” From her rock-styled bump n grind to Stereo:Type’s mash-ups for the mashed up, it was murder on the dancefloor with CTRLZ and Screwface claiming it was “one of the best gigs we’ve done all year, absolute carnage!”.

With blown lights and blown gaskets, it was equally crazy on the ramp and skaters from across the country were carried on the wings of the night to throw down like never before as Talita TwoShoes pumped the thrash metal sounds. Greg Nowik dominated, Barney Page and Ewan Bower were outstanding, Carl Wilson and Vaughan Baker drew blood and Rob Smith hoyed himself off the rafters to certain death.

Upstairs Chickenhawk and The Fuckin’ Hate followed the ravage sounds of Mike Diver‘s DJ set and took it in turns to spark it off with blistering metal and hardcore soundscapes to fuel the fires and stoke the danger all round. Beer showers abounded in the pit during both sets. Bewitching hour descended and sent the undead spiralling into a frenzied crescendo for headliner Eddy Temple-Morris’ fierce D&B set right through the night until Ed Pitt landed the last cherries with a slamming set of classics! It was that banging, straight up. We thank you so much for being part of this, enjoy the video and visual sweets on this page…

Photo’s by Zac and Tom Halliday



Thank you if you came down to support this event. Big thanks to Alan Christensen, James Sherry, CJ, Ryan Gray & Ben Powell at Sidewalk Mag, Niall Neeson, Slam City Skates, Andrew Doane, Tom Halliday, PP, Talita TwoShoes, Kylie G, Lady Starlight, Mike Diver, all UK skaters who know what fun is, French, Stereo:Type, all at Kings Ramps, Total Rock, Chloe Leeks, Eddy Temple-Morris, XFM, Time Out, The Guardian Guide, Kerrang!,, all at Front Magazine, Vice Magazine, London Lite (RIP) and all the lovely crew at Division.


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