Halfpipe Horror

June 25th

As almost every day in Holland, rain comes and goes.

On Saturday the weather was very nice, the sun was shinin’ and the first vertriders were checking out the vertramp. The vibe was good and some crazy tricks were being shaped for the contest. But unfortunately, as always, on Sunday the rain was coming down and the contest had to be moved to the indoor Skateland skatepark.

The vertramp was smaller so everybody had to ‘feel’ the vert again. And yes, after a while everybody was in the zone and skated their asses off. Crazy tricks, as inverts, big ass backside airs tweaked out, nosegrinds and a lot of switch skatin’ was going on.

We started out with qualifications and every rider had three runs to show their skills. In total 16 riders had found their way to rotterdam to skate the vertcontest. From Germay, Belgium, Holland and even from Brazil. I can bother you with who did what trick, but I ain’t. You can see the pictures for yourself and be amased by the vertskating that is going on in Holland.

Seven people made it to the final. Jonas Bader, Erwin Prent, Mark van der Eng, Georg Wanek, Bob Joosten, Otavio Neto and Simon Stachon.

The finals were in old jam session format. Which meant, every rider had 5 runs, if they bail the run was over and the next rider can do his line. Damn this was hard for the jury. But as you already know, there can be only one winner. The best Dutch rider would also be Dutch vert skating Champion.

Anyway, The 17 years young man from Brussels had the most skills and got first place, Simon Stachon. It was Simon’s second day on Crail trucks. In second place, all the way from Brazil, Otavio Neto. Man can he do a lot of nolly tricks in a vertramp. And yes, third place is the man from Holland, Bob Joosten. Our new Dutch champion in vert skating.

The contest was a succes and it was clear that Holland still has a good vertskating scene. Vertskating ain’t dead yet!

Enjoy the pics from Tjeerd and see you next time.

Rob Rouleaux
(Skateboard Federation Netherlands)

Full Results:

1. Simon Stachon [BEL]
2. Otavio Neto [BRA]
3. Bob Joosten [NED]
4. Georg Wanek [GER]
5. Mark van der Eng [NED]
6. Erwin Prent [NED]
7. Jonas Bader [NED]
8. Lars Stout [NED]
9. Robby Buttner [NED]
10. Jeroen van Sluis [NED]
11. Erik Meuldijk [NED]
12. Nils Hammann [GER]
13. Leon Loef [NED]
14. Joe Kleinendorst [NED]
15. Michael Verhaar [NED]
16. Miriam Vijfvinkel [NED]