Crossfire Go Skateboarding Day 2009

21st June 2009

This year we decided to hook up with Volcom for a low key session at Harlow’s concrete park for this year’s Go Skateboarding Day. Advertised only on our Twitter page we had a perfect amount of people in the park for a naturally amazing session.

Whilst Boots and co kept the street side of things sewn up, Aaron Sweeney only stopped for no less than 3 minutes to eat one of Kevin Parrott’s BBQ bangers and cracked out every nook and cranny.

Enjoy this photo blog and footage by Alan Christensen from the day and get yourself over to Harlow for a sesh as they have an amazing set up there and the locals are cool as fuck. You can often keep up to date with those guys at the local Harlow blog looked after by photographer Rob Galpin who hooked us up with the sequences below. Thanks to all who turned up to celebrate this annual sesh, we will see you next year for more of the same. – Zac

Harrison had 2 reasons to sit down and check out the Sunday times…Firstly, this was his 3rd day on the raz, secondly he had a gnarly date with Rolf Harris.

Everyone thought that Koston had turned up as a special guest but it was Brewster’s Croc’s that gave it away. Check out Horse in the background, ultimate in rock and roll hunk.

Parrott and Denise had the bangers on lock, they even had onions on the side, no pissing around at Volcom towers..

Nicolson’s savaged ribs didn’t get BBQ’ed….rest up son.

The woofer had his eye on Parrott’s bangers whilst Sweeney didn’t stop.

Great day all round, enjoy the footage by Alan Christensen featuring Boots, Aaron Sweeney, Simon Skipp, Harry and Horsey.