Fresh Blood – Pt 2

6th Feb 2007

The amateurs are on the rise and you can’t escape them because they shred everything.

No rail, ledge, bank or transition is saved because today’s minor league steps it up in a major way.

Crossfire’s Freshblood is an insight into the guys leading the charge upon Skateboarding’s professional ranks and this week’s picks stick out like sore thumbs – Joseph Biais, Ewen Bower and Eddie Belvedere are this weeks featured skaters.

You could be featured here next – now stop reading this and go out and skate!

Feature by Zac Slack and RLD.

Joseph Biais – Rare

Portrait ph. Jean Feil

People joke about how much Joseph a.k.a. Jojo has grown over the last year, but judging by his skateboarding, Jojo will be having the last laugh. You couldn’t really miss Jojo when he dropped in at a contest or strolled through a spot. He has a massive blonde afro, cigarette-stick legs and a tendency to throw himself at the biggest obstacle.

Just as the albatross of ‘hammer house of horror’ circled above, Jojo broke away from the pack and took a devilish enjoyment in making mice of men. With an established debut in the Rare video, Storyboard, and an anticipated second coming in the soon to be released second Rare video, this young Frenchman is turning the tide on the skate game in his favour.

Full Name: Joseph Biais
Age: 20
Sponsors: Rare, Vans, Street Machine , Spitfire , Carhartt (flow)
Hometown: Virfolay
How long been skating: 8 years
Favourite tricks: Ollie, Flip, frontside flip , Hurricane……
Favourite kind of spots: All kinds of spots, ledges, stairs, rails, curbs, mini ramps… whatever!

“The first time I saw Joseph he had holes in his shoes, the look of a 12 year old despite being 16, a big blond afro, and a strong maturity be it with his skating or his mind. Today, I no longer recognise the little Jojo.

He’s twice the size, he keeps things childish with the Kiki Crew, and his skating has got so creative that he can ride absolutely any spot as if it was a session at his local skatepark. Joseph Biais, remember this name because you definitely haven’t heard the last of him !” – Nico Eustache, Rare professional and Team manager

Watch a typical morning session with Joseph here.

Backside smith frontside 180 out ph. Jean Feil

Ewen Bower – Casual

Ewen Portrait ph. Benjamin Hay

For such a young age, Ewen shows a lot of maturity in his skating. Well, maturity in that he’s open to skate anything, but immature in the way that each session has got to be fun. Ewen brings the fun to an abandoned warehouse at the dead of night.

Ewen brings the fun to a bent pole in the middle of nowhere. Ewen brings fun to the after-skate wind down. You get the point, and you better recognise because this young lad is steadily climbing the ladder with Freshblood pumping through his veins.

Full Name: Ewen Bower
Age: 17
Sponsors: Casual Skateboards, Lovenskate Clothing and South Skate shop.
Hometown: Tonbridge Wells
How long been skating: Five years
Favourite tricks: Fakie Ollie!
Favourite kind of spots: Anything weird, a bank, pole jam or weird shaped blocks.

“I think everyone has the physical potential to be an amazing skateboarder, but some people just belong on a skateboard, and Ewen is one of them. He doesn’t really learn tricks, but just does them, and every time I see him, he seems to have a new one; usually something weird that will knock you straight of a game of skate.

He has endless self-motivation, always up for getting photo’s and footage, and is always down for skating no matter when or where. Some people tend to give him a little snicker when they first see him skate, but after a while you watch them slowly sit down, usually very confused. He just one of those skaters you cant help but watch, his style is overwhelming and its quite usual to go to park, and after ten minutes you realise no one is skating except Ewen.

Ewen’s a close friend, a great skater and I know he’s going to go a long way if he keeps it up.” James Holman, Casual Skateboards CEO and Teaboy

Watch Ewen get casual at the Whorehouse here.

10 stair lipslide ph. Benjamin Hay

Eddie Belvedere – The Harmony

Portrait ph. Adam Mondon

Eddie isn’t pressed to grab the limelight, but his skateboarding is screaming attention. You probably won’t see Eddie on Stars in their eyes, but his presence at some of the UK’s biggest comps- Deathrace and War of the Roses- has definitely been felt.

Always ready to rip at the skatepark, he’s also well known for killing it in the streets without backing down to security or nay-sayers. Skating around the city of Manchester has taught Eddie to handle his business fast, so make sure you don’t miss him in the future when he rolls up and kills your gap in less than 3 tries.

Full Name: Eddie Belvedere
Age: Late teens
Sponsors: The Harmony, Zoo York Clothing, Note Skateshop, Supra
Hometown: Manchester
How long skating: 6 Years or something like that
Favourite tricks: FS Shove-its, BS nollie heelflips, and losing mobile phones
Favourite kind of spots: It’s all good at the right time

“Where can I start with Eddie? Well, I can never get hold of him due to the loss of yet another mobile phone. But yet he always turns up at the right time, somehow. Eddie loves olives, skateboarding, mates, ladies and late night socializing (understatement of the year!!). Always gets the job done with style and grace and can skate anything put in his path. Top bloke, and amazing to have on the Team. Cheers Eddie.” Adam Mondon, filmer and friend.

Watch Eddie tear it up in his plaid shirt at Central Skatepark, Manchester, here.

Frontside flip and homepage ph. Jim Walker

Come back next week to find out who the next 3 Fresh Blood victims will be….