Fresh Blood: Sam Taylor

Sam (aka SPT) came to this quagmire of decay, slime and death known as London from the lesser shit hole of Leicester. He lives in glamorous Camberwell to be precise, where he obsessively maintains his fine collection of blogs (nerd) whilst living the gully life all day, everyday on the Camberwell streets, alleyways and rooftops. On top of these duties to his postcode he still manages to get in loads of skating and filming, just like any thug would.

He may tie his laces a little tight for my liking but he makes up for that with a natural mass of energy akin to a hyperactive youth, a huge selection of tricks and more combo’s guaranteed than any other skater on his side of the street.

Sam is a very consistent skater which makes him a footage machine and fortunately for him, has an iron gut that is guaranteed to soak up his daily hangover pains thus enabling him to be up for shredding and filming pretty much any day of the week. Give him a few years though, he’ll be buckled in bed for a whole day after a night of drinking cheap cider and vodka like anyone would over the age of 27. Watch out mate.

Sam likes to think of himself as a bit of a Larry David, but nah. In all honesty he is the bastard child of Mr Burns and Joey Brezinski. It’s cool though because he’s always a positive force to be around unlike myself. -Chris Morgan – Science Skateboards

Above Left: Nollie Pop Shuv and Fakie Tucknee Wallride: Photos Matt Clarke


Name: Sam Taylor.

Age: 21.

Sponsors: Science Skateboards and Casino Skate Shop.

Hometown: Leicester but I live in Camberwell, London.

Skating since: About 2002.

Favourite tricks: Kickflips and No Complies.

Favourite spots: The Quay and Wreake benches in Leicester.

Inspired by: Carroll, Hsu, Pappalardo, Pat Steiner, Mikey Cheah.

Hates: Hangovers.

Loves: Girls.

Can’t live without: Coffee.

Skate video: Now? Static 3.

Fave sesh: Quay in summer with BBQs, bitches, beers and bros. Square One dudes around London, watching Knox jump down steps.

Music to die to: Dr Dre.

Ultimate aim in life: Learn impossibles like Ed T.

Watch Sam’s section from the Square One DVD here: