Fresh Blood: Ryan DeCenzo

Footage thanks to Jordan Mayfield

Photo: Backside Noseblunt by Geoff Clifford


Full name: Ryan DeCenzo.

Age: 22.

Sponsors: Darkstar, Globe, Thunder, Nixon, Red Dragon, Redbull, and Dakine.

Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.Canada.

Skating since: 2000

Favourite tricks: nollie heels

Favourite spots/terrain: Everything

Inspired by: Paul Machnau, Mark Appleyard, Andrew Reynolds, Scott DeCenzo, Wade Desarmo

Hates: Hitting rocks, skating.

Loves: Snacking and candy.

Can’t live without... Music.

Skate video: Flip – Really Sorry.

Fave sesh: Good homies anywhere.

Music to die to: DEATH metal of course!

Ultimate aim in life: Be happy and see the world.


Hailing from Vancouver Canada, but now residing in Huntington Beach CA, Ryan Decenzo is the perfect candidate for Fresh Blood. Ryan is a stand out where ever he goes and no matter who he is with. He always has one thing on his mind and that skateboarding. Skateboarding, and more skateboarding. Whether Ryan is winning major am events or collecting 30 mins of footy in a 6 month period, Ryan just cant get enough of skateboarding.

It’s very refreshing and motivating to be around a kid like Decenzo. He always wants to shred, learn new tricks, film, and hang with his Canadian crew. Did I mention that he also rides his board backwards? Wtf. I’m not going to argue his thought process on this one because what ever he is doing, its working for him and I’m positive that you will see a lot more from Ryan Decenzo in the upcoming future and come to same conclusion. Decenzo rips and is definitely Fresh Blood!