Fresh Blood – Pt 3

21st Feb 2007

This weeks Freshblood is a true trio of terror. Today’s skaters are savvy enough to know that a good rider can shred anything in his path. Variety and mercurial aptitude shine brighter than any one hit wonders any day.

The 3 skaters we picked for this third installment of Freshblood will come to your best spot and merk it into the next millennium. Rails, ledges, gaps, banks, trannies… You name it- they’ve got something for it. Sit back and feel the fury of Greg Levet, Sam Partaix and Boots..

Feature by Zac Slack and RLD.

Sam Partaix – Antiz

Portrait ph. Loic Benoit

If there is one amateur on everyone’s lips in France its Sam Partaix. This fuzzy haired Hessian burst onto the scene with his relentless attack of anything big, quirky and bent. It’s no wonder then that the skateboarding A-Team, Antiz picked him up after one weekend session with the youngster.

Not only does Sam open the brand new second Antiz video, Z-Movie with a funked out global assault, he also opened a skateshop out of Tours called Skate Pistols. Obviously Sam is dedicated and in it for the long run, and that’s why we like him!

Full Name: Sam Partaix
Age: 18
Sponsors: Antiz, Vans, Eastpak clothing and backpack, Doble wheels, Skate Pistols Skate Shop.
Hometown: Tours, France.
How long skating: I would say 6 years.
Favourite tricks: That strange one foot he does in the new Antiz video ” Z movie”
Favourite kind of spots: The sketchy ones. The made yourself concrete madness.

“Sam skates like there is no tomorrow. He skates endlessly anything on any terrain. He does not think of what he should do. He just does. Where ever you will bring him, he will skate and most probably destroy the spot. The great thing about Sammy is that when he takes a huge slam.

He can only smile about it. He is a great humble kid with attitude and goals. He opened his skate shop Skate Pistols at the age of 17. That in itself is quite a statement of his interesting personality. And this is just the beginning…” – Julian Dykmans, Antiz Skateboards founding member.

Watch Sam’s killer section that opened up Antiz Z-Movie.

Blunt in Dog Pisser, Basel Switzerland ph. Loic Benoit

Boots – Death

Portrait ph. Nic Zorlac

If you were at last year’s Crossfire Xmas Jam, then you couldn’t have missed a smooth punker with peroxide hair kill the sponsored rail comp in under 5 minutes. When the Crossfire minutes began to countdown, Boots was the first to step up to the obstacle and put down 3 tricks before some of the entrants had even dropped in.

I don’t know anyone who can nonchanantly kill a rail with bigspin frontside boardslides, frontside feebles and kickflip boardslides as appetizers. Do you?

Full Name: Boots
Age: 19
Sponsors: Death Skateboards
Hometown: Harrow
How long skating: About 5 years?
Favourite tricks: Anything
Favourite kind of spots: Everything

“Not much of a conversationalist, Boots lets his skating do the talking. Every day. Skateboarding machine. Always down to skate no matter what.

Fearless, technical, precise, and more than willing to take a slam when necessary to get the job done. Add it up. The future’s bright, the future’s… peroxide blonde.”

– Nic Zorlac, Death Skateboards

Watch Boots and the rest of the Death team shred St. Albans into the ground here.

Ollie, ph. Styley

Greg Levet – Syndrom

Portrait ph. Mathieu George

Whilst Lyon and Paris battle it out for media coverage, a storm is brewing down South in the coastal melting pot that is Marseille. Whilst most people recognize the town for it’s amazing bowls, Marseille boasts a strong street scene too with Greg leading the charge.

Fresh as a cold glass of Pastis and stylish as the original French Connection, Greg is ready to export a lesson in street skating this year. Class starts now.

Full Name: Greg Levet
Age: 22
Sponsors: Syndrom Skateboards, Globe Shoes, Color 13 Skateshop, Kiuu underwear.
Hometown: Marseille
How long been skating: 10 years
Favourite tricks: Ollie
Favourite kind of spots: Everything is good to skate

“He’s one of my favourite in the team! He’s real and rough, sometimes he talks a lot and talks a lot of bullshit, then sometimes he doesn’t say a word.

His job is hard, he cleans the streets of Marseille very early in the morning, then has a sleep and go skates everything he finds good in the afternoon. He’s my session nightmare because he can skate everything easily.” – Etienne Laude, Syndrom Boss

Watch how Greg gets down in his neck of the woods here.

Ollie transfer ph. Mathieu George

Next week we will drop the 4th viall of Fresh Blood, stay tuned…