DuFFS Concrete Carnage 3

This was the 3rd year of the DuFFS Concrete Carnage at Rom skatepark in Essex. The park was built way back in 1976 and still has so much to offer, lines galore and it can be a full on cruiser or you can get as gnarly as you want to. This park has everything to offer.

Most of the DuFFS squad were in attendance and along with the locals and visiting rippers the session was bound to go off, it didnĀ¹t dissapoint the session moved from one part of the park to the next and with the low key atmosphere loads of good shit was put down. The whole idea behind the Concrete Carnage events has always been to see what can be done at parks that were built before most tricks were even thought about. Rom is a real proving ground, check out the shots and footage and get yourself down to Rom this summer and see what all the fuss is about…..alternatively, you can sit back and watch the video from this event on the top right hand of this page – right click, save as…

Big thanks to Munson for er..being Munson, Gorm for the footage and Gorm for the photo’s – yes we know! There’s bloody 2 of them! We are all doomed!