Death In SF

The ‘Escape from Boredom’ premiere at the Log shop in S.F was so much fun. Here are a few photos from the trip. Right: UK crew: Percy Dean, Nick Zorlac, Kyle Green, Dan Cates and Horsey.

Left: On the day of the premiere a lot of shralping took place. Nick Zorlac wallride crail at a well known schoolyard. Right: Here is our friend and ‘tour guide’ for this trip, Kyle Green. The premiere was also an art show for Kyle and friends’ work.

Left: Karma, Doug Saenz and friends are in a band called AM Magic. They played at the premiere, after Karma ruled the mini ramp that was there. Some people are good at everything!
Right: Horsey plus free beer. Make sure he’s near a window when you drive him home.

Left: Dan takes a moment out. Right: It was him!

Left: Roberto Aleman. ‘Say cheese!’. Right: Must dash.

Left: Percy from Document was on this trip with us. Head banger of a frontside wallride.
Right: Kyle Green, long boardslide in Santa Cruz.

Left: Jersey Barriers rule. Doug Saenz, slicing through effortless feeble grind to fakie.
Right: Beast of a Ditch. This place is no joke.

Left: Cates with the mega pole jam! Richie Jackson would have dug this one! Right: Be afraid…

Left: The effect Dan has on some people is quite something! Right: Zarosh and his buddy drove from San Diego to skate with us and go the premiere. He did some sick stuff in this pool considering it was a bust after 3 minutes.


THANKS TO: James and the Log shop in Pacifica for doing the premiere! We had the best time. And to Smart Monkey Distribution (Consolidated Skateboards) making it happen for us in the U.S. And last but not least, VANS for helping to make this trip possible.

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Nick Zorlac