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Adrian Blanca Exhibition at Slam

July 18th, 2008 by Crossfire


Those who popped along to Adrian Blanca’s exhibition at Slam City Skates this Thursday were left baffled by the mind-bending intricracies that comprise Adrian’s artwork. The amount of detail in the vast wall piece that he was continually adding to throughout the night was seriously staggering. Armed with only a paintbrush and some malted milk biscuits, Adrian impressed us with his innovative representation of skateboarding culture, interlacing urban aesthetics with tweaked flippers and lots of sexy bottoms. He clearly knows us lot too well.

The Slam Gals also had the skaters taste in mind with a huge supply of free beers and some delicious tapas. A great atmosphere, as always, at Slam, and some fabulous art to have a gander at, not to mention some sick collaborations with éS footwear. Check out some of the goods on the éS website. While you’re here, have a peep at a few photos from the night while I continue to crave more tapas. The exhibition runs until August 15th…get down there.


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