18 facts about Jon MoniƩ

Photo’s and words by David Tura

Jon Monie portraitThis year Heroin Skateboards released Magic Sticky Hand – not a porno, a quirky skate video featuring many hidden talents that have joined Fos’ army from across the globe.

A french dude called John Monié had a part in this sticky experience causing many questions across the interweb so our French correspondent Claire Alleaume decided to get it all out in the open and asked David Tura to spill the beans on Monié for your pleasure…

1) Jon started skating 13 years ago when skateboarding was at its baddest times, big pants small wheels.

2) Jon owns a blue 1966 50cm3 Vespa with no speed or kilometer counter and 3 speeds.

3) Jon lives in Paris, right across the street from where I live, 4th floor like me. I can actually see him taking a pee through the window (only his head, though).

4) Jon was wearing baggy pants until 2001, when he decided he would now only wear tight clothing “to be able to see my feet!”

5) Jon made the cover of Tricks magazine in 2002 doing a boneless over some junk and the cover of Sugar in 2006 doing a rooftop drop in.

6) Jon is 27 years old.

7) Jon has the name of a girl he loves in his back and a “dad” tattoo on his arm.

8) Everybody loves Jon.

9) But Jon doesn’t love everybody. He hates his neighbours. A few weeks ago, one of them did a hole in his wall just above his bed with a drill and made a big piece fall off. Now he can see what’s going through it.

10) Last time I saw Jon (last night), he was just coming back from New York where he spent 4 weeks with Billy Rohan.

11) Jon is sponsored by Nozbone skateshop, Fallen shoes, All Star Gum, Eastpak backpacks and Heroin skateboards.

12) Jon likes to play poker until 6AM. Never bets more than 5 euros but ends up wining 30 quite often.

13) Jon would probably like to thank Manou, Fos, Alexis, Hedi, Jean-Marc and Alan, but you’d better check his whole list in the very last Heroin video “Magic Sticky Hand”.

14) Jon had once a sequence in Sugar in which he was switch hardfliping 3 stairs with a banana board.

15) Jon is a Bastille local skater.

16) Last year, Jon went snowboarding in Dubai with Julien Bachelier and Bertrand Trichet.

17) Jon Monie is the presenter of “Time Tourists” (Meridian TV) but the one we’re talking about has his last name spelled Monié, with an accent on the E.

18) Jon ended up 30th at the Paris Slalom World Cup in 2005 with his own old plastic board, without ever entering this kind of contest before.

This footage of Jon is from the Battle of Normandy found in the extras of Magic Sticky Hand