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This N That DVD

What is This’N’That?

It’s a UK scene video put together by Andy Evans who captures the fun aspect of our entire country in one DVD.

It’s not his first and it certainly will not be his last, but this DVD features many skaters from the UK, Europe and the USA covering featured riders sections, skate jams and truck loads of comedy!

The movie kicks off with a rather organised domino rally made from skate DVD’s and a bunch of other stuff (how long did that take Andy?!) which leads into a sofa surfing experience with Dan Cates and Nic Zorlac from Death.

With a flick of the zappa Ben Raemers kicks off This n That in fine style with a cracking part that has everything from 540’s on vert to rail ledge and tech stuff in the streets, parks and at Crossfire Jams. Ben is a fucking ripper on a board and kicks this off in fine style.

Sections from Chris Vile, Josh Roullion are fantastic and followed by a montage of tricks from Rodney Clarke, Danny Wainwright, Simon Skipp and many many more. It’s piled deep with great skateboarding.

All of Andy’s DVD’s have a blatant comedy role throughout. Here is where the killer board from Birmingham is launched where Bob Sanderson runs through the city, and finally tracks the most venomous of freestyle decks on the planet, and can only trap the beast with the Death Stare – the only way to kill such a lethal set up. Once the stare is fixed, the board is pogo’d into submission…..

This creates the technical prowess of West London’s most digitised skateboarder, Darren Nolan, whose section is filled with swift feet and every switch, shuv, bigspin, heel, kick and double flip known to the UK’s most influential island. You’ve got to give it up to Nolan as he skates for fun and has matured his passion for technical wizardry under our very noses here at our local spots Meanwhile 2 and 3. Nolan is assures us that British Freestyle scene is growing – Apparently there are 6 people now since the last count last year! Once this video is seen across the country, that figure is sure to rise.

German Santa Cruz pro rider Claus Grabke gets a proper kickin’ from his 80’s fame, all in gest of course, but apparently used to love a pasty when he worked at a service station on the M6! (priceless!) Pete King‘s section gets down to Status Quo as Kingy rips it up everywhere which is followed by UK scene event footage from the 2005 Crossfire 7-Set Jam at Southbank, 2005’s Crossfire Xmas Jam with Circa that includes the infamous gap jam, plus loads of other amazing UK events that includes the Globe Burnley bowl jam, Div and locals at the riot fuelled Livi annual get together with Div in full flow, War of the Roses, The Works Skatepark with Neil Smith, Mikey Wright and many more. And then, The Donz is introduced……

Don Brider, one of skateboardings most treasured men, is now running the industry. So much so that this shit is gangsta bitch! Pro riders share their fear of not running tricks past The Donz and as we all know, there’s a price to pay if you are not clearing it with him…..otherwise legs could be broken as Marc Churchill finds out.

Luckily Evans managed to get footage of the Chalba before this incident and his section alongside Paul Rimmer, Amir Williams and Greg Nowik make you wanna go skating. This is followed by Mikey Wright who excels at every level and has a nbatural gift on a skateboard, it just so happens he is one of lifes incredibly charactures who was born for this DVD, as his tongue incheek deliveries are backed up with some cheeky skating only seen in the North. But it doesn’t stop here. Ross McGouran is becoming an all round destroyer and his section in this DVD just strengthens the case. He is one of the best skaters we have, he can destroy anything and should inspire kids to take part in every aspect of skateboarding if you are good enough. James Gardnerrips street spots whilst the Go Team provide the atmosphere on the decks, another gifted UK skater gets into the fold and delivers, he is another one to watch out for in 2007 but i bet he could not do a 1080 over a Spanish Galleon! Not like this geezer anyway….

There’s a bloke in this DVD who lives in a rubbish bin that has come out of the age when tapestry was the way to communicate that looks surprisingly like that bloke who is the Editor of one of the UK’s best skate mags…but with alledged sightings of Neanderthal man, Vikings and people with The Plague turning up and taking over skateparks thesedays we could be wrong. Despite this doubt in mind there is one thing we can be certain of and it’s the fact that you have to own this DVD, because it represents just how strong the UK skate scene is and also that it’s fucking great!

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