DVD Reviews


Not to brag or anything, but my video and DVD collection is rather extensive in size, and sadly a lot of the features just gather dust on the shelves and in the boxes. However, I do reserve myself a small pile of audio visual treats that I huddle around my VCR and DVD player. It’s an exclusive stock of sick footage that hits every chord to get me (and my mates) stoked. The Harmony’s Wölfstadt has just been granted access to this VIP selection.

There are so many reasons why this DVD is compulsory viewing: First of all The Harmony is a pretty rad independent team of skaters that span all terrains and types of skating. Joe Gavin skates regular even those his switchstance skills testify otherwise. Danijel Todorovic gets two songs because he delivers more pop than your average friendly giant. Jamie Bolland gets it straight by riding crooked. Eddie Belvedere spends more time honing his skills than at the barbers. Tony DaSilva has the stamina to piece together solid lines. Jak Pietryga flows fluently through the city streets, and Danny Jack applies top knotch technique to asphalt, marble, brick and mortar. Not forgetting the upstarts Verun Tull and Steve Bailey (not the American- a little blonde Brit!) who start the show with a steady dose of street trickery. And finally, The Harmony’s Northern Soul, Paul Silvester who gets by just fine with a few friends.

Alright, so that pretty much sums up a total that will have you screaming, “SKATEBOARDING!!!” and out the door as soon as the credits roll. Sick skaters, 90% new spots, and a soundtrack of sublime tracks from the likes of Peter Jorn and John, Brian Eno, Black Sabbath, Patti Smith, Prince and Sly and the Familystone- Adam Mondon has filmed and edited a gem right here. Oh, and don’t forget the hour or so of bonus footage. No less than all the web exclusive edits, promos and cutting room floor footage, and four individual guest edits, each 5 to 10 minutes long and summarizing the end product nicely.

For those of you who question the title, let it be known that Wölfstadt originates from the following prose: “Live by the ocean, die on your back, crawl to the edge, become one with the Wölfstadt”. Right… Your guess is as good as mine.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis