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Thrasher’s King of the Road 2005

Here are the rules: 4 Teams (Almost, Zero, Deluxe and Girl) of 4 Riders (plus 1 filmer, 1 photographer and 1 team manager) spend 2 weeks crossing the United States of America skating designated spots and doing designated tricks with a points program for each task. The teams will also be joined by a mystery guest (Lance Mountain, Darren Navarette, Jeff Grosso and Ben Schroeder) with whom they must partake in tasks also. The winner is the team that gathered the most points. Sounds simple enough, but that”s not until you see what they have to skate (rails in the rain?), or what they have to do (Double flip nosemanual?). This is the second edition of the sure-shot King of the Road contest, so all the crazy shenanigans are there plus the Phelper. Between little Shetler fully going for it with an older lady friend, to Jaime Thomas skating rails bare-foot, Koston landing a flawless heelflip late shove-it (???), and passing by Trujillo and pals on a three man skateboard, all the madness and more is there!

Thrasher is onto a sure winner with this contest / tour-a-thon. There is so much random stuff and mad skating going on over the two week period that every team deserves a hat off just for taking part. As always with a DVD there are the bonuses- weird girl bands, cops taking shots at kids and the Duffy rail showdown to name a few. In any case, the King of the Road 2005 DVD needs to be seen to be believed!

Ralph Lloyd-Davis