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The Harmony – River’s Edge

March 31st, 2009 by Crossfire

Since The Harmony started they have been releasing a video nearly every year. This latest promo DVD River’s Edge, is only packed with 13 minutes of skating promo but is a great insight into a company that is dedicated to UK skateboarding and growing at a good pace.

The video kicks off with a brief intro of the riders who star in this video, and then it goes straight into the swing of things with Jak Pietryga busting out his technical finesse over some grimey London spots and some nice looking Greece footage. Jamie Bolland has a very short but good section filled with wallies and no complies and Danny Jack comes through with other impressive section, hitting spots from Manchester to Cardiff, with his smooth style.

Tony Da Silva building up on his introduction section in Wolfstad, goes all out to prove he’s one of Manchester best skaters, with a lot of fast lines and does amazing nose bonk 360 out on a block that was obviously rewound. Next up is a new addition to the team, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, who bangs out a short but sweet section, filled with some nice gaps, slides and manuals. You should look out for him in a soon to be featured Fresh Blood here on the site. Ali Drummond gets in on the action fresh from his recent addition to the Etnies flow team and yet another Harmony rider who you will be hearing more of in the future. His section is sick, and very much showcases how much of good all round skater he is and again the future of the team.

Last part is handed to Joe Gavin. He’s been on the team since the beginning, it’s no wonder why he has last part, his seamless flowing lines and technical ability all come into play to make a very interesting section to a DVD that you should definitely watch.

The video may be short but it’s one of those films you want to see before a skate. It damn well packs a punch and also comes with some good extras including the Big Push and Greece edits also on this disc. Get it today in all skater owned shops. Visit theoldnewshit.blogspot.com for more.

Dan Escorcio


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