The Brodies

Review: The Brodies by Jeremy Elkin

The Brodies is the latest chapter in New York implant Jeremy Elkin’s series of no-nonsense East Coast features. A swift 15 minutes of New York locals showing you how it’s done in the city that never sleeps.

Rather than waste time with HD cameras and stereotypical landmark shots, Jeremy Elkin skates through the five boroughs with his VX and a healthy squad of rippers looking to shred at all hours of the day.

The Brodies is a group of homies both old and young who love skateboarding and the City. To name a few: Akira Mowatt, Rob Campbell, Daniel Kim, Kevin Tierney, Aaron Herrington, Danny Supa, German Nieves and Leo Guttman.

German, Akira, Rob and Danny represent the older gods who hold it down for their city on the regular with at least a century of experience under their camouflage khakis combined. Leo, Kevin, Daniel and Aaron represent the new generation that keeps the heart of the New York’s street scene pumping hard. Much like his previous videos (Lo-fi, Poisonous Products…), Jeremy Elkin has managed yet again to pack a punch with this brief but brilliant video.

Those of you who hold Zoo York’s infamous Mixtape as one of the greatest skate videos of all time will appreciate The Brodies are staying true to that vein of rugged and raw East Coast skating.

Find this flick inside Elkin 2006 – 2014 featuring all four of Jeremy’s films on DVD housed in a 52 page full cover hardbound photobook with foreword by Alessandro Grison available from the Palamino.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis