DVD Reviews

Satori Movement – Mapping Time in Space

So, the video starts and bears the unholy words ‘tour video’, but don’t fret, dry your eyes and sit down. Though the animation and ‘starsign’ style editing is a little cheesy, it’s kinda charming and adds a good, albeit a bit of a simple theme. There are no narratives, there’s no melodramatic nonsense about how hard it is to sleep on tour or even much park footage.

This, along with the city based footage makes it a welcome change to the monotony of most tour videos used to tide over the companies fans for the timebeing. With a team that boasts Steve Olson, Matt Pailes, Lucian Moon, the powerhouse that is Brent Atchley and new addition Kenny Reed, the level of skating is high and diverse as ever, I’m sure you don’t need or want spoilers. Good clean fun, in unseen territory.

One complaint I have is that it drags on a wee bit, but as I was watching this at 2:30am in a freezing cold warehouse that might have something to do with it..Well worth the cash, and for footage of Steve Olson who wouldn’t pay that?

Visit for more team info.