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Santa Cruz – Out There DVD

I think Santa Cruz has fast become my favourite company again. I say again, because the last Heyday for SCS was way back when Tim Brauch (RIP) was killing it and Jason Adams wasn’t going all Willie Nelson on us.

In fact SCS’s leap back to the forefront is quite shocking yet quite simple: Lay very low with hardly any recognizable riders and then gradually hand pick the unique ones that are often found a little further away than the city limits, all this staying true to the house style. No bells and whistles – just sick skating.

Out There is the second SCS video in a year, and there are even more new faces to watch. Obviously the first thing you’ll notice is the Euro heavy team SCS are running with: Alex Moul, Flo Marfaing, Henning Braaten, Oli Burgen… Then there are the other worldly foreigners repping SCS: Alex Carolino, Tommy Fynn, Sid Melvin… And finally the homegrown talent: Emmanuel Guzman, Lee Smith, Nestor Judkins… This team has it all, from the smooth and stylish to the uber-tech and fast and gnarly.

Even if a good 75% of this DVD was filmed in Barcelona, it doesn’t really matter because some of the spots are new and each one gets a severe seeing to by various members of the squad. I can’t be bothered to go into detail about who did what where, but you must realize the talent of Flo Marfaing! This kid has put out at least three video parts in the last 6 months, and it doesn’t look like he’s out of breathe at all…

On a down side, you might be disappointed by the lack of Henning and Oli’s footage, or the triple angle re-run of certain tricks, but the video clocks in around the half hour mark, so any longer and I could understand your worries.

News just in: Euro tech whiz William Phan is now on the team along with San Francisco slickster Adrian Williams! Oh shit…

Ralph Lloyd-Davis