DVD Reviews

Poisonous Products

By Jeremy Elkin

poisonous_products_dvdWatching Jeremy Elkin’s Poisonous Products DVD is like a throwback to the golden 90’s era of hip-hop mixtapes. Back in 1993 New York DJs were pumping out 90 minute Maxell tapes of raw talent. I remember Tape Kingz running a solid distribution program that stocked my tape deck with the latest joints out of the 5-Boroughs. You’d hear exclusive tracks from your favourite rappers, but also get the tip off on new rappers that were pinned to be the next big thing in the rap game. Kids nowadays ignore the debut of Jay Z as he cut his teeth with a unique double tempo flow on the epic Big Daddy Kane track Show n Prove alongside a miniature version of Shyheim and the one Ason (later known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan). Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z and Ol’ Dirty all on one track – That’s some dope shit right there.

Poisonous Products is a 13 minute mixtape of VX footage filmed in New York City between November 2010 and November 2011 set to the soundtrack of the aforementioned track, Boogie Down Productions (Poisonous Products) and Lil’ Kim (Queen Bitch) mixed together by Grapes La Roc. The Eastern Seaboard of skateboarding is well represented with everyone from Rob Campbell and Shawn Powers to Aaron Herrington and Joseph Delgado getting clips. Those last two names are definitely on the rise and likely to grab your attention. Both of them weave sick lines through the city: Aaron skating past IRAK throw-ups and piles of grey snow in Brooklyn whilst Joseph rocks colourful Supra’s through Queens.

I remember the day the 90’s era of hip-hop died. The producer formerly known as Puff Daddy released his own solo album No Way Out and introduced the world to a genre of Rap music that sidestepped the streets and went straight to the clubs, suburban bedrooms and MTV. Low budget bro cam videos of rappers spitting verses in front of their local bodega were shelved and replaced by Hype Williams bubble lens studio sessions in front of flashing lights and film crews. I can’t help but feel the golden age of the skate video fell to the same fate when Ty Evans decided to introduce HD cameras and fireworks to the session.

I can’t guarantee that Poisonous Products will receive unanimous applause, but it will definitely tug on the heartstrings of skaters that still remember how to set the white balance on a VX-1000. When Rob Campbell runs a quick slappy and a tailslide at Astor Place it makes me feel like I’m watching the promo tape for the infamous Zoo York Mixtape 15 years late.

Support independent skate videos and order a copy of Poisonous Products from Theories of Atlantis. Funds will go towards Jeremy’s camera repairs and broken fish eye collection.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis