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Humble Jumble

The opening of this video is absolutely amazing. With beautiful timelapse shots of birds, people walking, and some slo-mo skateboard cumshots all set to a suitably relaxed artsy soundtrack. Then some behind the scene footage of the video being finished on the late-night glow of a computer screen and an excited editor calling his mate to say it’s finished. “There’s no gay timelapses and music is there?“. “Err, no…”.

Humble Jumble is exactly the opposite of the dreaded ‘poorman’s Transworld” look. No fannying about, just raw skateboarding from the lads at Ride in Coventry. These guys have been involved in the UK skate scene for longer than most of you have been alive, and the evidence is here in this video.

Skateboarding from all over the UK and further from the Ride team, all done bro-cam style as the lads document there sessions, and the feeling of enjoying it really comes across. This isn’t meant to be some amazing production. It’s skateboarding of mates, filmed by mates. And the soundtrack is a hardcore mix of punk and metal that’ll really get you hyped up to go out and thrash.

Having said that, there is the inclusion of some BMXing in there due to this rider owned shop being run by skaters and BMXers. They’re actually quite good though, and I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a bit of it. That is until you end up in a collision with the things, and the place where your cock was is now replaced by a stuntpeg.

Ride have been supporting skating for yonks, so the least you can do is support them by buying Humble Jumble off their website for a fiver.