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Maladjusted DVD

A Film by James Gardner & Niall Kenny

Scene videos have been the building blocks for smaller companies and independent filmmakers for decades now!

The skating doesn’t always feed the addiction, but post production of these films have certainly come a long way, with a set standard that gets pushed every time.

The crew from Hereford raised the bar very high on this one with a production that not only portraits a great collective of skateboarding, but also a very well presented film with a lot of thought behind it. A scene video with a twist, and a good one at that!

It starts off by showing you in a roundabout way what life in Hereford is all about, a small town with a relaxed environment, dangerous fruit pickers and really good/fun skate spots!

The first person to tear up his name is Callum Kenny who nearly tears his bollocks apart by landing one foot on his skateboard and the other foot on the ground after ollie-ing a bar to manual attempt. This doesn’t stop him from conquering what he set out to achieve and adds to his part an array of manual skills…watch out MJ! His part is fluent and fades to black after a well executed nollie three flip down a hefty set of stairs.

Constant Gardner fades in after Callum and produces a very memorable video part indeed! Besides his technical lines, switch flippery and ledge killing, he also drops a few hammers in this one and shuts it down with a nollie back heel down a what I can only presume to be the Hereford big 5. A video part worth seeing for a fiver well spent!

“Next train to depart from this station is the ‘yadda yadda’ service to London Paddington”

This part is upholds the standard of the video in true form, it takes the crew from Hereford to London, INNIT BRUV! A montage of friends who reside and shred all over Ken’s grounds and rules. It features Joe Gavin, Stuart Bentley, Kris Viler, Ross, Mcgouran, Josh Roullion, Chris Oliver, Dom Henry, Mark Kendrick, Lewis Threadgold, Nick Galloway, Eugene Ocheing, Steff Morgan, Sean Witherup, Lucien Clarke, Sean Graham, Simon ‘the wizard’ Skip, Ben Cundall and loads of equally important others. It’s super rad to see all these people on film as they all kill it on a daily basis!

This finally brings us to Joe Williams, a very creative skateboarder with England tattooed on his forehead. Joe rules and takes a daring leap to find New England with tricks that could have consequences I’d rather not imagine. He also hits up a line with a hand flip to caveman on a bin/container type thing and proceeds to hand flip into a running nose wheelie…WHOA! Mad Skills!

You’ll be pleased with this feature and I’m sure of it that this wont be the last time you see any of the above on you your telly, pc or Ipod! To get your hands on a copy see: