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Heroin “Magic Sticky Hand”

Magic Sticky HandMagic Sticky Hand- no, not what you get when you’re bored and the only thing to entertain you is Mrs. Hand and her five lovely daughters- is actually the latest video from Satan worshipping, gnarly drawing loving Heroin Skateboards.

Featuring the guys that didn’t get full sections on Live From Antarctica, this short DVD contains all the standard fannying about and amazing quirky raw skating that Heroin always delivers.

Colin Fiske is tall. Really fucking tall. I mean, his socks are about as long as I am tall, and I’m definitely no midget. Hill-bombing mountain road drainage ditches, huge wallrides, hippy jumps on longboards and plenty of rough-as-tits street transition shralping. Win.

Rogie/Bogie/Ste Roe, or whatever he calls himself on the internet when he’s not out snapping another bone, has a plethora (fucking right, I said plethora) of wallie and wallride grab variations, as well as hacking it down snake-run things goddamn fast.

I’d never heard of Jon Monie until I watched this. Heroin do a good job of finding unknown rippers from across the globe and making sure they can do late shove-its. Monie is no exception, and also throws down an airwalk down a rather hefty set. Who the hell does airwalks anymore? He gets the ‘Rad’ seal of approval. Look out for Crossfire’s feature with “J-Money” on the site very soon.
Fos gets a little look-in in this section as well with some Mudchute footage.

Now if you’re unaware of who Deerman of Dark Woods is, you suck at life. The balaclava clad, goat-sacrificing, concrete terrorist is fucking gnarly. Have you ever tried skating a jersey barrier? It’s near on impossible to anything more than hit it and fall off, shattering your pride and pelvis in the process. Blunt 180 melons, melon fakies, and feeble stall 270 out- on what is essentially a wall to stop cars from smashing into other cars. Hellstone sickness.

Chris Ault closes proceedings and proves that grabs on street are sick. And he doesn’t mess round with them either. Legit tuck-knee indys down that Liverpool St. double set, and the pyramid at Mudchute gets a spanking with a fully hucked stalefish. So what more could you ask for? Maybe kickflipping over the stair mound at Stockwell? You got it. Chris has earned his spot on the team, that’s for damn sure.

As well as this mini-vid, the DVD has the bonus extras of the Infection trailer, Pulman’s Viewfinder 2 section, and the Battle of Normandie shenanigans from a while ago.

You should really own this. It’s got skating that isn’t another high-budget Hollywood epic, and that gives you itchy skate feet instantly, it’s got a stupid name that makes you laugh, and it only costs the same as a pint of booze and a packet of prawn cocktail.

Tom Mogridge