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Presented by the Story Film makers Guild

I must admit that my prior knowledge of skateboarding from New Zealand is minimal- in fact, any knowledge I might have of the country is minimal. However, thanks to the great initiative of the Story Store’s Film Makers Guild, I can now say start an in depth conversation on the skaters, spots and overall style of the Aotearoa scene at future cocktail parties.

The second chapter of the Guild is Forays; a short DVD from the 09 Video Factory featuring Brandon Foo, Brett Chan, Rush Fay, Glenn Wignall and cameos by Chey Ataria and Justin Watene. I doubt very heavily that you have heard of any of those guys, but that’s what the Story Guild is for! Plus the spots are sick!

Clean editing and segway action introduces us to the New Zealand skate scene, and the first thing that hit me as I watched was the variety of terrain everyone skates. You’ve got rough surfaces, smooth surfaces, good street ledges and mucky transition, the modern classic steep bank and the good old manual pad. Everything is there, and everything is skated- hard. I’m not sure if it’s the I-paths, brown cords or exotic environment, but Forays had me daydreaming about Habitat and their visual dynamics..? Not so much the ‘what you’re doing’, but the ‘how you’re doing it’ modus operandi results in some clean lines and good variety.

Despite everyone having individual strong parts, the two guys that stood out for me were Brett Chan and the curtain caller Glenn Wignall. To start with Brett, one person pops to mind as you watch his Asiatic frame leap and bound with unique style- London’s Ben Jobe. Brett has understood the art of cruising and effortless madness on his board. Anything from casper stalls to downhill manuals in the rain. If you have any emotion for board riding, then Brett’s part should have you running out that door in search of insane terrain.

As I mentioned earlier, the end part goes to Glenn Wignall and quite rightly so- the bugger is off the charts! Glenn’s part gets a brief intro of him ripping the shit out of one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets- a long V shaped storm drain with a 75 degree bank at one end. Needless to say, Glenn can skate anything, and always with style- kickers, transition, polejams to make Wade Burkitt green with envy, and even an empty skip! Keep an eye open for the ridiculous switch pop the young buck has as he executes perfect switch heelflips over big gaps, and even a sick switch frontside bluntslide off a chest high ledge that looks rough as 80’s griptape.

In comparison to the Story Film makers Guild first epopee, this second instalment is much better. The editing is simple but stylish nonetheless, the music is groovy without disguising below average skating, and the skating is straight up wicked. Remember: Think Habitat in a beautiful untapped land of insane terrain. Plus it’s only a Fiver! Bargain!

Visit Storey Store at and if you like the sound of this, click here to discover Kolma, another production worthy of your eyes and ears this winter.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis