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FKD Bearings Video

Here’s a quick lesson in the hierarchy of sick footage:

Your best footage goes to your board sponsor or your shoe sponsor. Then, the second best tricks get dished out to the magazine videos and montage videos. Now, whatever is left over on the cutting room floor finds itself stuck together and edited into a hardware goods video.

With this information in mind, it isn’t a very good premise to get hyped about a video being released by a bearing company… Well FKD bearings aren’t your average bearings and they definitely don’t have your average team. Here’s the little line up of guys that are lucky enough to receive high quality, no nonsense rolling aides: Paul Rodriguez, Brandon Biebel, Kyle Leeper, Stefan Janoski, Joey Brezinski, Paul Zitzer, Kenny Anderson, James Aitkins and Daewon Song. That’s a whole load of heavy hitters if you ask me.

Alright, so 90% of the footage is the stuff that didn’t make it into the big productions, but it’s still right up there. In fact, Joey Brezinski has very little footage out there, so his part is a definite treat! The only real shocker in this video is a horrendous pair of cherry pink trousers James Aitkins tries to rock on the d-lo. Ummm?

Try and check this video out because of the sick team FKD boasts and the fact that it shouldn’t leave you out of wallet.