DVD Reviews

First Love

It has been a while since Transworld blessed us with something good to watch. As always, Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez try and show us an aspect of everyday skate life and in this case it is the overwhelming love we hold for our boards. True. In order to get the point across, TWS hired the talent of Leo Romero, Shiloh Greathouse, Ryan Gallant, Richard Angelides and Omar Salazar. Shiloh opens the show and it’s been a long time coming for this great comeback. Skating to Echo and the Bunnymen, Shiloh picks up where the early 90’s curb technicians left off. Remember all those noseslide-nosegrind-lipslide-smith combos that had our brains ticking over? Well, Shiloh steps it up a level and does some mental combos on proper ledges and with style to boot. Pretty inspirational stuff from a guy a lot of you have never heard of before.

Next up is Richard Angelides who still rocks the Adidas shell toes after all these years. Personally, I didn’t think Richard had killed it as hard as he did in his 97 Rhythm ‘Genesis’ video part, but that’s just me… Richard still manages to pull out some very difficult manuals and relaxed lines. I reckon Richard has been slept on long enough and deserves more coverage. Check the underdog out!

Contending for speed demon title is Omar Salazar. Omar has worked hard since his debut over at Foundation, and deserves everything that comes his way because his style has matured and his positive attitude will have a few heads envious. Basically Omar’s part is all about speed and sticking it no matter how hard the slam. Just remember kids: Skate within your limits!

Ok, Ryan Gallant has definitely shot into the limelight after a part in the Coliseum video and a position on the new Plan B roster. I’ve heard people slagging Ryan off for being sterile and relentless with the hardflip or flip shifty, but this new part will have you all switching. Ryan has the style pop and dexterity to put together some of the cleanest lines ever. He even pulls a perfect version of a trick I have never seen before- the hardflip frontside 180. Yeah, think about that for a minute and then try and do it… In any case Ryan kills it and his song is sick to boot too (I even thought it was a UK Hip-Hop song for a quick minute. Swiss..?)

Finally, we get to Leo Romero. I’ve seen Leo skate firsthand and I know that the kid is solid. Every rail stunt is done within two goes and the odd ledge session doesn’t worry him either. However, his part is strictly hammers and two trick line a-la-Zero. Not a good look if you ask me but hey, it’s still chock full of impressive stuff. Oh, and he skates to a nice T-Rex track!