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Enjoi – Bag Of Suck

Enjoi are a bit of a loose cannon. You see, Bag of Suck has been anticipated for far too long, and after the numerous team changes (which involved the loss of Marc Johnson and Bobby Puleo!) people were beginning to doubt whether the gang of Merry Pranksters could pull it off. The team took the criticism in their stride and shrugged off any doubt, clouding any footage for this DVD in mystery. Finally a release date was set and respected and the final product is everything you could have wished for and more… Much more.

In regulation orange, the little box with collage of point-and-shoot photo linear notes, the Bag of Suck DVD leads the way for fun on your skateboard. The featured riders- Jerry Hsu, Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo, Louie Barletta, Jason Adams and Clark Hassler– have only ever performed together for the fraternal Tilt Mode videos of the past. Those videos were a damn good breathe of laughing gas in a world dominated by deadly serious filming sessions. The Enjoi video obviously stays in the same vein of skating, but you can tell the guys have grown up a bit and know when to quit the party and get busy. In fact, on more than one occasion this DVD had me gasping at the feats performed.

After some stylish intro credits, Caswell Berry opens the show to the beats of Dead Prez ‘Hip-Hop’– a very good choice and banging tune I might add! Caswell is a bit of a gnarler, and when you see what he had to suffer to get some of his tricks down in the bonus sections, you’ll understand why Caswell can’t be slept on. Unless he’s drunk and demanding a haircut…

Jason Adams rolls up next and manages to pull a wicked part with hardly any ollies. You might ask how this is possible, but when you see how far and innovative Jason can take wallrides, you’ll suddenly feel like a new chapter of skating has been opened before you.

Next up is the sweetest bit of park skating I have seen in a while. Never before has synchronized skating looked so good. If the Enjoi squad had to enter the Olympics, a performance like this is definitely worth gold. I must also praise the filmer or whoever conceptualized this segment.

The first time I saw Jose Rojo was in a Tilt Mode video, and I remember Marc Johnson expressing undeniable talent in the kid thus giving him the premier amateur status on the team. Jose is a smooth operator who can cruise around any terrain in style. Jose recently suffered a bad car accident, but hopefully this hasn’t shaken his nerves because buttery skating like this is golden.

Clark Hassler is a bit of a tweaker. He might blurt random rubbish and gurn under pressure, but this kid has got some sweet tricks- notably on ledges. Clark doesn’t go all out to technify each trick, but he adds just the right amount of spice to have you rewinding his section to get a proper grasp at how difficult a few of his tricks are.

You can’t get the Enjoi team on screen without their mates clocking some footy too. The friends sections runs smoothly with a wide variety of talent featured, in fact (and I know other reviews have picked up on this too) keep an eye out for Dave ‘D3 Millionaire’ Mayhew who skates across the screen and proves the D3 debacle hasn’t robbed him of skills.

Ah! Louie Barletta… They say that one man’s madness is simply misunderstood genius, and Louie on his board demonstrates this to the tee. This wild eyed mascot to the team has got the skills to pay the bills as well as the positive attitude to enjoy each and every minute on his skateboard. Some people might look at Louie as a joke, but I honestly don’t think 90% of the pros out there could touch this guy or what he can do on a board. Hats off to the Mad hatter of skateboarding, this section is by far one of the most creative skateboarding parts ever as Barletta kills the most awkward spots with precision. If this part was on any other video it would be the grand finale but the star of the show and on everyone’s lips for this DVD has gone to another man on the team.

Finally the curtains drop, and it’s Jerry Hsu that sees us off with a two song part of ridiculous skating. From a very young age Jerry has demonstrated silly control and style that only a few would be able to emulate. I think Jerry has kept all of his footage for this part under lock and key because there are some serious bangers in here, plus to fill a two song segment you’ve got to be a busy bee. Gaps, rails, ledges, banks… Jerry can hold it down and hit up spots like no one else right now. This part will go down in history and maybe earn him the SOTY I the States, only time will tell, but you have to see this DVD, not for one man alone, but for a team effort.

So, there you have it- the much anticipated Enjoi DVD. The way in which the team pokes fun at skating, but primarily themselves, can leave onlookers perplexed as to where they are heading in the greater scheme of things, but this Bag of Suck is confirmation that the Enjoi team are not to be mocked. You have gathered that the skating is right up there, but don’t let me forget to tell you about the many bonuses and great soundtrack. In fact, I won’t. You need to get down to your SOS and grab a copy ASAP!


Part: Intro
Air – Dead Bodies

Part: Caswell Berry
Dead Prez – Hip Hop

Part: Jason Adams Pt. 1
Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender

Part: Jason Adams Pt. 2
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Coma Girl

Part: Skateparks
Etta James – A Sunday Kind of Love

Part: Jose Rojo
Them – My Lonely Sad Eyes

Part: Clark Hassler
Canned Heat – Going Up the Country

Part: Mascots
Nate Denver – Clock Jitters

Part: Louie Barletta
Rod Stewart – Young Turks

Part: Jerry Hsu Pt. 1
Cass McCombs – Sacred Heart

Part: Jerry Hsu Pt. 2
Sonic Youth – Superstar

Part: Credits
Billy Bragg and Wilco – California Stars

Ralph Lloyd-Davis