Emerica Made – Chapter 1

emerica_made_chapter1_downloadAccording to the wonderful introduction of the great photo booklet which accompanies the hardcopy of Emerica’s latest DVD Made Chapter 1, this video was never planned. It only exists because Collin Provost and Brandon Westgate carried on clocking amazing footage after the release of Stay Gold, and team filmer Jon Miner felt the world needed to witness the fitness so to speak. The clips were so strong in fact that it lit a fire under fellow team mate Leo Romero’s arse and got him fired up to skate hard and get recording too.

Unfortunately the introductory text also explains that coming by an actual hardcopy DVD (with booklet!) from one of your favourite skate companies is fast becoming an extremely rare commodity as videos go straight to the internet. Emerica recognizes the dark side of the virtual moon and co-released Made Chapter 1 in association with Thrasher Magazine dot com. As a result this review seems a bit redundant to try and talk about something exclusive which has been watched and re-watched over million times already behind numerous computer screens.

However, this video is good – Very good in fact. ‘No filler all killer’ was the modus operandi when these guys went to work with Collin taking his transition skills to big street spots, Leo demonstrating his uncanny ability to skate massive rails like they were foot high curbs and Brandon taking leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in the race for the much respected Skater of the Year award. Everything is done at speed and everything has that element of mortal danger if you were sketch out or try and half-arse it. Oh, and there’s a surprise introduction by Jeremy Leabres, Emerica’s newest recruit that sets the standard for any wannabe amateurs out there.

I honestly can’t think of a downside to this DVD. The idea of releasing an EP instead of an album with regards to the number of riders on show is a valid response to the economic turmoil the internet has caused for skateboard videographers and companies seeking to promote their brands. Plus the 20 minute mark sits just right for an audience suffering from internet induced attention deficit disorder. Quality over quantity is the best way to describe Made Chapter 1 and it bodes very well for the future episodes.

Download it from iTunes.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis