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Bellows- Lurking Class


I’ve always have a soft spot for Love Eneroth. a pioneer for the Scandinavian skate scene in early issues of Puzzle, a smooth operator in a world of brutes when he rode for Antiz, and a top fella when you meet him in the flesh. It seems like a bad back injury sidelined the young Swede and sent him home to re-assess his situation. Never one to give up, Love took his talent and started up his own little independent cruise ship- Bellows, with local talent Mika Edin, Ola Lowbeer, Johan Florell and filmer / brainstormer Martin Karlsson as the ships crew.

Their first official promo, Lurking Class, tips its hat to good skateboarding and runs a tight schedule of tech, suave and ballsy maneuvers. Ola Lowbeer opens the show with some precision pop and a wide variety of terrain scaled. Johan Florell is a cheeky little skate rat that looks half asleep on his board, but don’t let the youth kid you because his bag of tricks is deep and the backside noseblunt pop out in the middle of a ledge is his specialty. You’ve probably spotted Mika Edin is a couple of European magazines, and Scandinavia’s Neighbours video that dropped a couple of years ago. Already dubbed as serious talent, Mika’s part in Lurking Class is the few minutes that should hopefully certify that moniker. Mika proceeds from the shadow of the captain, Love Eneroth, and you can see how much influence this elder places on his mates. Love is the full package, lest his previous skate parts be testimony to that, and even though injury has obviously sucked a little adrenaline from his ambitions, Love still goes for it in all his fine finesse. An impossible backside wallride proves that Love’s still got what it takes to cut it as a pro.

The video seems to end on Bellows filmer, moral mascot, Martin Karlsson proving that just because you follow a crowd doesn’t mean you can’t join them. A few tricks here and there, and them the bonus footage ensues, and there’s lots of it. To conclude, Lurking Class is a very laid back and easy to watch promo (available right now on their site) that actually packs a pretty strong punch (c.f. tricks mentioned earlier). I have no idea if Bellows are out to achieve world domination, but they are definitely on course for some applause and will be turning heads worldwide as they move forwards with this.

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