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Baghead Flats


Judging by the hype this video produced on the Sidewalk forum, you’d think it was their latest release- but it isn’t. Baghead Flats is in fact an independent project led by the magazine’s editor, Ben Powell and film obsessive Ryan Gray.

The main focus is on the Northern and Yorkshire UK scene with main sections from Doug McLaughlan, Ben Grove, Joe Lynskey, Danny Beall, Josh “Manhead” Young, Jason Brown, Mike Wright, Andy Scott and a host of others. The skating is right up there with the rest of the international talent, and the tunes vary from underground grime MCs to obscure folk, passing by well known acts like Feist.

So, what’s top drawer for Baghead Flats? Well, the featured skaters are all sick in their individual ways. Lynskey gets tech, Grove is a stuntman, Bell is fast footed, Doug loves a bit of rough tranny, as does Manhead and Jason Brown does his own thing. You’d have to watch his part a few times before you realize how un-contemporary he is. The two biggest highlights for me though were Andy Scott and Mike Wright. Andy is a legend and so f’in effortless on a skateboard that his ramp riding cannot, will not and should not get the vert button pressed. Mike on the other hand handles his business on the streets and puts down some amazing tricks that really a pro should be dealing with.

If there is one thing you should take away from this review it’s that Baghead Flats is an independent project (with help from a few sponsors) that pours light on the UK’s new breed of skate rats. The skateboarding is truly awesome, the production and editing is fantastic and it costs under a tenner. Need I say more? Don’t piss about with downloading it off the internet, own a copy and get stoked as this is arguably the best UK scene video to drop in years.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

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