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411VM Volume 14 Issue No.2

I think a lot of people got confused when 411VM stopped the ever-increasing issue numbers in favour for the new volume versions. I was one of the confused viewers, but now I’ve understood the concept and actually prefer it. Instead of pumping out issue after issue with tight deadlines, Studio 411 takes a breath between each new release and invites people to conceptualise each issue, thus making the product stand out clearer than the next. Volume 14 Issue No.2 has been moulded by the gurus of finesse, Stereo, and that is in no way a bad thing at all!

So, let’s a have a quick run down of this DVD’s main points:

The issue kicks off with a homage to fallen soldiers, Harold Hunter and Trevor Prescott. Rest in Peace guys! Then the fun begins with some serious skating going down in the Chaos section. Keep your eyes peeled for one of the biggest kickflips ever! David Bachinsky drops jaws with his take on El Toro 20 stair. Check the catch!

Life isn’t all about hammers though, and hot amateur, Daryl Angel is here to remind us. After a near death experience, Daryl has learnt to make the most of life and push his skills for your viewing pleasure.

Next up, and I’ll try not to be biased, is fellow Brit Olly Todd. Recently picked up by Stereo, this guy fits the mould perfectly with cruising lines and smooth tricks. I’m not sure if everyone has picked of Mr.Todd’s skills, but this section should definitely have a few heads turning.

Someone else who has never got the recognition they deserve is Miami homeboy Abdias Rivera. I have always seen this kid at contests, in tour footage and various other areas of the media, but 411VM took the time to let Abdias shine, and trust me it’s pretty bright.

I’ll take this interval to talk about the adverts. Well not all of them, but just the Krux ones. Please say thank you to the weird creativity of this truck company who manage to keep your attention instead of pressing the skip button.

Next up is Paul ‘The Machine’ Machnau. Paul can handle any gap, rail, gap to rail or other generally gnarly spot like it was a stroll in the park. Even if this kind of skating might not be flavour of the month for everyone, you have to admire the cojones on this Canadian.

Jason Lee talks us through his take on the new Stereo team and even gets a few tricks in too. I’m not entirely sure if this second version is comparable to the first of the early 90’s, but the parallel is there. Just the general style and happy vibe will have you amped to go skate, I think.

Finally, we get to Tony Silva, the Stereo Sound Agency’s better than good amateur – not to be confused with a pissdrunk am they had riding for them some years a go, Tony Da Silva. Isn’t there a Tony Da Silva in the UK right now? Someone must me making these kids in a factory… In any case, Tony Silva dropped the ‘Da’ and has you going ‘Ah!’ at his sick skating. Oh, and listen to Benny Fairfax’s intro- ‘Knob jockey’ Ha!

And that just about wraps it up. Well, almost because then you get the inner note interviews and two bonus features which are this year’s Tampa Am contest. Please note the winner’s last run(!!!), and the best trick contest. The other feature is the final of 411VM’s Versus contest which places skaters head to head for best trick and a $25000 purse. Will it be Chris Haslam’s double flip footplant over the Barcelona bumps to bar? Or, Greg Lutzka’s frontside boardslide through a long double kink? Log onto the website to place your vote.

I think this is one of the cleaner and more coherent versions of the infamour video magazine that I have seen I quite a while. Good stuff definitely worth checking out.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis