Antiz x Death Eastern tour diary by Adam Moss

Words and photos by Adam Moss

Back in November last year, I set off on the Antiz x Death Eastern tour, sponsored by Monster that stretched across two weeks, between 5 countries and two teams. I’ve never been to any of the countries on this trip before, nor had I traveled with any of the Antiz crew, so it was sure to be a memorable trip. The tour consisted of myself, Rob Smith and Ronny Calow representing Death alongside Hugo Liard, Samu Karvonen and Dallas Rockvam (now on Frank) for Antiz. The tour stopped in Budapest, Zagreb, one night in Belgrade, then down to Sofia and finally into Thesallonki to skate, do shop signings, drink as much foreign beer and get as wierd as we could.

We were off to a sunny start with everyone keen to shred.

First spot was an area with curb hubbas, and a double set which Dallas and Ronny attacked.

Right next to some local D.I.Y park.

Then some pretty perfect 3 stair grinder, after which it soon got dark. Time to hit up the Hungarian disco, filled with trannys and bar snacks like onions on toast…the place stunk.

Signing at Steg Skateshop the next day.

We already had some we made earlier…

Night time ‘activation’ then it was on to Zagreb.

Rolling in style! …..I think

This is our driver stu. A real champ, not only did he drive the whole length no worries, he also put up with us idiots for two weeks. Thanks Stu!

Spot check in Zagreb.

This one museum spot even had a slide as an exit. Good call.

Then it was time to hit the demo at warehouse skatepark. Rob smashed it as usual.

Local dude reppin Death.

Samu and Hugo diggin’ the pizza while DG Dogger takes over.

Border checks on the way to Serbia weren’t so friendly, the guy in the boots looked just like the guy on the wanted poster too.

We only had one night in Belgrade, so we just checked some local graffiti and got gay in front of a nice building.

Dallas reflects on the Serbian highway to Sofia.

How they roll in Sofia.

Then down to the main skate spot which was unbelievable. Ledges, banks and hubba’s everywhere!

Samu gets down with a 5-0 against the wall.

Epic vert ramp spot by a soviet army statue in the center of Sofia.

They were down with Death anyways.

Here’s our photographer Rich Smith. When he’s not moaning about his flashes being broken he can really shred.

Raffle for product that night at volt skate shop, after they had a rad party at a local mini ramp inside a bar, filled with cheap booze, slayer and a band even covered bad shits ‘all hail Cardiel’.

Last stop, Thellasoniki, Greece.

First time we get to see the sun, here’s Rob in holiday mode while Pas films.

Pas can also huck a mean flip, like here in this wierd skate rink.

Dallas back tails in ledge paradise. One after another of perfect marble without any sign of a bust. The locals were ripping.

The last night ended with a signing at Propaganda skate shop. Complete with souvlaki skewers and free beers, we partied hard into the night. Thanks guys!

Then we was out. Back home. It was an amazing trip that that was hard at times, a lot of road time, lack of sleep and plenty of beers.