Indie Show

Indie Show March 07

The Crossfire Indie Show is back on track with an hour of the latest tunes for you to find in your local store.

This month we have some brand new straight-of-the-box indie pop, explosive indie rock, cunning classics and the best electro indie pop we could muster up.

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1. Father Of Boon – I Am Entirely In Agreement (Self Released Album)
2. Wolf & Club – This Mess (4AD)
3. Flaming Lips – Hit Me Like You Did The First Time (Warner Bros)
4. Future Of The Left – Fingers Become Thumbs (Too Pure)
5. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – The Sons Of Cain (Touch & Go)
6. Pods – Name In Vain (Pods)
7. Kristian Hersh – In Shock (4AD)
8. Joanna Newsom – Bridges & Balloons (Drag City)
9. The Ponys – Double Vision (Matador)
10. Sound Team – Back In Town (Parlophone)
11. Spoon – All The Negatives (Matador)
12. CSS – Alala (Sub Pop)
13. Princess Superstar – I Like It A Lot (K7)
14. Clor – Good Stuff (Regal)
15. Peaches – Do Ya (XL)
16. My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Creation)
17. Piskie Slits – Big Far Mouth (Wrath)
18. Pavement – Rattled By The Rush (Domino)
19. Bonnie Prince Billy – Lay And Love (Domino)